Creating a Loan Calculator-3

3 minutes
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Objective. By the end of this activity, you should be able to explain how to apply conditional formatting, copy and rename sheets, color sheet tabs, pad sheets, insert links. Let's now learn using conditional formatting. To do so, select the required cells. Then click on conditional formatting. Click on icon sets, and then select icon set option.

Let's now learn the renaming and coloring worksheet. To do so, click on format. Then click on rename sheet. Enter the suitable name and then press Enter key on the keyboard. Click on format Then, click on That color and then select a suitable color. Let's now learn copying and pasting worksheet.

To do so, click on format. Then click on move or copy. The move or copied window is displayed on your screen. Click mu two and click on create a copy. Now click on OK. Now change the data as per your requirement. Similarly, you can copy and paste other sheet in Sochi.

The new sheet has been inserted. You can add the required data as displayed. Let's now learn inserting hyperlinks. To do so click the cell then click on Insert tab click on hyperlink the Insert Hyperlink window is displayed on your screen. Click on place in this document then click on car loan. Then click on OK. To navigate click on FC bank car loan summary you have completed the activity.

You are now able to apply conditional formatting, copy and rename sheets, color sheet tabs at sheets, insert links quick summary. We have reached the end of the case study. In the process, we have learned to enter and Format Data. Use the merge and center feature. Apply cell shading, adjust columns column and row height. Create borders insert Crews use shapes, use symbols, use formulas, insert pictures, create charts, apply conditional formatting, copy and rename sheets, color sheet tabs.

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