Magic Circle

26 minutes
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Hello, and welcome to your EPS workout lecture with magic circle. So I have prepared several exercises for you with our magic circle. If you're ready, let's start directly. So I just let you two seconds to prepare. And meanwhile, I go and lay on my map comfortably. Alright, if you wish to watch first and then with me It's fine, or you can just do with me together.

Alright, so I'm on my back laying on my back, if you remember from your practice course, so I wanted to talk about the pelvis. So my pelvis is parallel to floor here, and my shoulders though, and I have a comfortable position here. Great. So once we set the position, let's look at the legs, my knees are bent, and my heels are far from my hips. So if you are like this, just go ahead and stretch your legs forward. God moments, take our ring and place our arms pointing the ceiling, I'm holding my magic circuit.

And we will start with toe taps. So with an Inhale, slowly, lift your right leg up. Find your balance here, and lift the left leg up. So we're in tabletop position that I have a nice 90 degrees in my knees. If you're ready, we start with the top steps. With an Inhale, lower your right leg, tell.

Touch the mat and lift up the other leg. Inhale and exhale up. Like and let's do this 10 times. He'll excel in help they'll Excel up. Keep your arms stable here. Just we're working with the legs.

Hello, my legs down and up. So make sure Here you are. The move is coming from your hips and not from your knees. Keep your knees locked. Wonderful. What's your exhale down.

Let's do this three more times. Last. Slowly lower the lights down one by one. No take your ring and turn it so the pet parts will be behind our heads and lift my head slightly here. And I keep my abs engaged from my stomach, my abs here, absolutely engaged. I take my ring and place behind my head just like this.

Okay? So if you point this position, hold your ring around, keep your head lifted, Nami, lift the right leg up and down the left leg up. And that's our bread. Keep doing Keep your abs engaged. Just move with the leg. Up and down.

First Light and gentle move here. We're getting more and let's do this. One more set here. an inhale and exhale, last Time and low would like tell. Take your ring out and put your head down. Great, wonderful.

So now let's continue with single leg circle. If you remember from your Plexus exercise, I will show two versions here. So first we start with the left leg on the mat and knees bent, it is likely we will work with the right leg on it. I send my arms up to the ceiling. I hold my rank lower than the lift my right leg up and less stretch three times towards the ceiling. Inhale and exhale.

You can also flex your feet to feel the stretch more and more time. Last time we go up, stay here points or foot, abs engage, circle the like and close Very good. keep circling. Make sure your hips are stable and on the mat and we are working on the within leg. Wonderful. Make a small circle, that's fine.

Stay here and reverse the circle to the other side. We should start to feel our apps now lightly. Keep the other like stable on the map. Stay here up in the air, bend your knee and let's switch to the other neck and lift my leg up for the bended knee, flex my foot and stretched three times towards the ceiling. That's two and three. I stay here point my foot and circle.

Very good. So here Keep your abs engaged. Hips stable, arms also stable and circle them Wonderful, keep circling. And stay up here and reverse the circle to the other side. Take any help. Last time, bend your knee and put on the mat.

Great. Keep your arms up. Let's try another version for the single legs circle. let's stretch the other one like on the mat for the moment. So this time I will not have right like and and I take my left leg up the bended knee and stretch the leg forward. And from here, engage my abs.

Circle my leg so I can make a bigger circle because I don't have my other leg bend it. Take an inhale and surco keep your hips stable If they start to move, reduce the diameter of your circle, make it a small circle last time and reverse the circle to the other side. Very good. Taking inhale and exhale. Last one. Up here, bend your leg and stretch it.

Must take the other leg up toward the ceiling point two foot and from Hila start to circle outwards in, circle the leg again. Keep your abs engaged, make as big circle as possible without moving your hips. Wonderful. You should feel your apps more here. Let's do one more time and reverse the circle to the Tidende less here. One and two, and three.

And last one, we come up and stay here and your knee and you can move your arms down to like two seconds before we move 200 if you remember your hand this exercise, if not, don't worry, I will just guide you step by step. Take your knees back again, bend both of them. And this time, we will lift our head and we'll catch up. So first, I sense my arms forward, up to the ceiling. Okay, and I take my rink and placing between my ankles here. Okay, and I lower my leg.

So make sure you're holding the ring well here, so it doesn't drop. What. And if you're ready, inhale to prepare and lift your arms. After the ceiling, extra load on still and lift the head and rotate up and through your knees here. Engage your abs and pause, insert 234 exhale 2345 keep her safe. Make sure you don't hurt your neck.

Keep pushing, lift from your ribcage and not from your neck. Very good. If you want more challenge, you can go ahead and lift your legs up to tabletop position ankles. Inhale, two, three. Exhale. 2345.

Very good. If you need more challenge, go ahead and leave those lights up to the ceiling and post 2345 pixel 2345 unit measurement challenge. You can go and load my mobile phones here. Bless the two more sets, inhale, two, three, exhale 2345, bring the lights down and put the head down and relax. Wonderful. No, I take my ring back.

I keep my position here, and I stretch my legs forward just a little bit. Okay. And I send my arms forward. So come here, we come to our sitting position. So with an inhale, engage your apps, mode, arms. Good.

Stay here. And if you can just go ahead and come to your sitting position from here. me I need the support. So if you don't need to go ahead and come through a sitting position, wonderful. So here We will go back again and just until our shoulder blades, but I want to roll down from here. So if you're ready with smaller, very slow.

Come on here. Okay. We have this position, I want you to bend your knees. Good. And I keep my arms forward for the moment. We didn't inhale.

I take my arms towards my chest and press the ring as an anthem, arms overhead and bring it to the chest. And if you're ready to with me inhale and exhale, bring to the chest. Inhale, forward, XL back. Health forward to the chest. XL back in health three more times and back to the knee into your chest. Forward and back and bring to Earth your knees, put your head down and relax.

Two seconds. Good. So you should definitely start to fill your apps more and more. If you don't, it can increase the repetition. Alright, so let's continue with a single like stretch, if you remember your exercise, so I'll bring my arms up to the ceiling, facing my fingers facing the ceiling and I lift my head up. So my arms are straight this time, okay?

And I bring my own legs one by one. Okay? So look my legs up position. All right. So come here, I keep my arms straight. I just work with my legs and back, forward, back, keep up and know if you want My challenge of your arms with me in help and Excel.

So each leg helps me to move my arm forward and back, forward, back, keep your abs engaged. Very nice. Feel the burn feel which muscles are working. And last time, bring both legs to triple top and put your head down and lifestyle. Great. That was good.

We should start to feel our apps more. And let's continue with double leg stretch. I bring my arms up to the ceiling and lift my head up everyone my legs up to tabletop position. This time I keep my arms first stable. Forward, and forward and back. Make sure you don't cover back and you keep your back attached to Matt.

If you're ready, let's add the arms. Wonderful. Let's do this three more times two, and one. Come here and put your head and ringtail. Wonderful. Now we continue with single stretch, straight leg stretch.

If you remember, if not, don't worry, I will guide you step by step, bring your arms up to the ceiling. Keep your legs bent and up. And this your head and lifted up this thermal stress my ex makes more than pointing the ceiling. And I'm wondering don't touch the rim with my other leg change for more time and change Touch to a circle. If you cannot, don't worry, just touch those legs one by one. Very good.

Keep your legs straight. Now we're adding the arms. Bring the arm back and forth, back, and inhale. Exhale. Inhale, exhale. Touch, bring both legs up.

Then Then touch on the map and put your head down. Wonderful. We should really feel our legs the burn. Let's take two seconds break here before we go to double straight leg stretch. So I'm going to show the two versions here. Take your ring and place behind your head.

Okay, so this is your supported version. You're like, pointing to the ceiling. And lower down with an inhale and exhale up. Keep your abs engaged. Two more times. Last one, stay up, Florida like still in touch one.

Alright, so this was the support. And if you want more challenge, you can put the ring in between your ankles here and stretch your legs up to the ceiling. Lift your head up, please your arms behind your head. We didn't inhale, Lord, lift up. Two more times. Stay here.

Wonderful. Take your ring. Your hands and indeed exercises that we've worked through the legs as well. If you have a neck problem, you can always use the fingers just here and versatile next from here, okay, so this couldn't be more easier. Okay. Alright, so let's continue with criss cross, just gonna be really challenging now.

I will show it to version. So the first one is I place my ring on my left knee, okay, and my other leg is just vented and staying on the max got not much left my head with cage and place my right on. My path is lifted to light up and close the other hand in front of my head. This is the position. Okay? So if you take this position, make sure you don't lose the rank.

Depressed the brink and release. So this guy from you don't see much, but you will feel a lot. So press and press and first of the three more times. And once be here, change the like I take my ring, place on my left, right at this time and my left elbow please my arms behind my head and press heavily. Take an inhale and exhale here and goes. Great.

So if you want more challenge here, we can make this like straight instead of touching on the map and work from here. So let's see one second I lift my replica and press from here. If you want more challenge, you can try this plus to the other side. Yeah. Because it's over the working a lot, the apps and press release. And great, wonderful.

You to take a break here before we move to next exercise. And if you're already slightly come and stand up all right. I'm gonna take my brain this time and place in between my legs. So the range is somewhere between somewhere here, close, no so far, just your arm distance. Okay, as you remember, your roles don't exist. So we will do this with magic circle.

So my ring is here and I place my hands on my pen. from you, I slowly roll forward as I press the ring down, okay, with an inhale, I will slowly go down. If you're ready, Lester together with an inhale, I go forward and come back. So here as you see my ring is getting a little bit closer to that. So one more time, inhale. And exhale back.

Let's do this. Together. Inhale. Inhale. Exhale to come up. Let's do this three more times.

Engage your apps. And when you break down, so take a little bit break, put your arms up, feel a little bit, relax here. Make a circle with your shoulders. Make sure your neck is not hurting or we do exercises that will lay down. Okay? And if you're ready to take your ring and bend your knees, here.

Wonderful. So here I want you to keep your legs a little bit further from your hips. Okay, and we will do the top steps again, but this time in a sitting position. So first, we slowly walk a little bit. Not so much. Okay, just somewhere here.

And from here, I miss my web like up and up. Down, that's the testimony. So let's put together 10 times five step in help and I don't forget to break so I'm looking somewhere in the middle of my circle. And I just work with my legs. Wonderful. So more stuff.

And this time I'm going to add my arms. If you're ready, bring the arms up and up, and very good. So make sure you are sitting on your hips and not losing your balance. Fingers arms as high as possible without losing your balance. And down and up. Let's do one more set.

Very good muscles, you should feel them. If not try to feel any Come to sitting position and just relax. Let's lay down again and we bring our ring also down. Now bring your arms up to the ceiling. If you're ready to take your right leg up with a bended knee and the last one as well from here and bring your legs together as come here we will load both legs down together and touch the mat and bring them up. So keep your abs engaged and don't cover your back her back is a touch the mat just like comes up and up.

And if you feel more comfortable, you can also open your legs a little bit air from here, load it up. Make sure again The move is from your hips and not from your knees. So if you're doing like this, this is wrong. You see, so my knee is locked in my hips, initiating the move. Wonderful. Let's do this one more time.

Good and bring these legs up all the way. Put your ring under your feet and just pull the ring and push your life. stretch those legs a little bit and give a little bit practice your abs. You can also bring the ring back to stretch your legs, take the pressure out of them. Good take your ring down and your lifestyle and come to a sitting position. Good job.

So this is the end of your abs workout with magic circle. I hope you enjoy Try to see what exercise you prefer most. And if there are some versions of some or some exercises that he will enjoy less, you can also keep them. Keep practicing and you will feel more comfortable also using the circle with our classical practice exercises. If you practice more, you will also feel the change quite fast. I hope you enjoy it and stay safe.

And don't forget also to warm up your body after the workout just as we did, you can also increase those exercises. I hope you enjoyed and I will see you in the next lecture with another prop

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