Mini Ball

29 minutes
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Hello, and welcome to your work out with mini ball. So today I have prepared you a lot of exercises that we work our apps. And before we start our workout, I would like to remind you that I actually didn't put so much air in my bowl I keep it a little bit deflated like this. So this will help us to do the exercises better and easier. So if you have implemented deflated too much, then you can go ahead and just reduce the air inside the ball. And rather than that, if you have your ball, and if you are ready, let's start our EPS workout.

So I'm gonna slow my back first And as always, if you would like to watch first and then do with me, or do with me both points. So go ahead and lay on your back. All right, so I find my comfortable place here. All right, and the first exercise, take my ball and place in between my knees here. Yeah. And I make sure that I hold my ball well, and my arms decide my buddy.

And here my upper body is completely stable. my pelvis is also stable and parallel to the floor. And I will work on the with my legs. Take it inhale and engage your abs as we lift the legs up out of them. So here I have a nice 90 degrees in my knees. I keep my bowl and with an inhale, I lower my legs down and touch the mat with my toes.

And exhale, bring the legs up. Wonderful. Inhale bell. Exhale up. Keep your abs engaged and avoid killing your back. upper body stable.

Family continue. Take an inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. Wonderful. Keep doing it. And we do this last five times.

Five, four, and keep your knees locked. The law is from your hips, plus two and one and bring your legs up and stay here right now open your arms and I keep my legs in the same position. And slowly I lower my legs down to the right as I rotate my upper body a little bit, and bring my life up to the middle and to the other side. And while I do this move, I can look at the opposite arm, so we don't have the legs to rather look to your left head. Wonderful. Take the legs up to the middle, and likes left and look at your right arm, enter.

Well, legs up again, plus two motors left. Inhale to the left. And I look at my right head and left up and stay here. Wonderful. Take your arms beside you and put your legs right. So we start to feel our absolute divot.

And we will continue with our hundred exercise. So first version is the easiest, and we will challenge ourself more stuff. I'm going to show four different versions. So the first one is my feet are on the mat. And my ball is still in between my knees. If you're ready to take an inhale and raise your arms up to the ceiling, and with an exhale, load, arms down and lift the head and chest up and what your knees and pops 12345 exhale.

2345 Continue pulsing, we should start to feel our little by little. And the second version. If you need more challenge, go ahead and lift those legs up to tabletop position and go to the polls in health 2345 exhale 2345 wonderful. If you want more challenge, go ahead and leave those lights more up. We're halfway. Keep pulsing.

Inhale 234 Exhale 2345 if you need more challenge, go ahead and lower this like some more down and post last 262345 exhale. 2342345 exhale 2345 bring the lights down and relax. Good, wonderful. So this should already feel happy to feel your ups and we take our place in between our ankles this time somewhere here, somewhere where we feel comfortable. Okay. So here again my upper body stable and I will only work with my legs and engage your abs with in hello to lifesteal and up so here you can keep to move versus low.

Most important is you don't care of your back Your upper body stable, Lord, lifesteal. Down, up, we should feel those arm EPS No, sorry. throwning really do you feel, engage your abs. Inhale and exhale, wonderful. wonderfulest three and two. And last one, we go down, bring the arms up and bring them down.

Right. Now let's continue with single leg circle. So I want you to take your ball forward, as we place under. Okay, I'm gonna come up so I'm going to place it under my left ankle. Okay, so this leg is stable, where I'm putting my leg on the ball. Yeah, don't let people lifted up but in in hell, okay, just with a pen with me and flex my foot here.

And with an inhale stress three times to ceiling. inhale, and exhale, feel the stretch here. Before we start the move, come up, stay here, pointer foot, press the left leg, well engage your abs and circle this leg and finish the circle. We are making it zero here painting as you imagine you have a paintbrush on your toes, and we paint a nice inhale, and exhale. Keep your pelvis stable and I provide this table as returned to like, great. If you lose your balance, go ahead and reduce the diameter of your circle.

Stay up here and reverse the circle to the other side. Inhale and exhale. Inhale And Excel wonderful. We do this two more times circling around and up. And up, stay here. Lower this leg down, relax.

And let's put more under our right ankle No. So worth here. That's forward. Yes. Perfect. So I'm here, make sure your leg is aligned, and you don't open it.

Put some more there are here, just somewhere in the same alignment and your hips. Okay? If you're already if you're both on the left the left leg up and flex your foot and stretch this leg to the ceiling. Three times. inhale, and exhale. Good one more time.

Stay here, point to a foot and get your apps we go to the circle in hell Excel. Wonderful. Keep your abs engaged. feel those muscles. Which part is working most, some verticals home our legs. keep circling.

Try to make an equal circle to right and left. That's important and they up and we reverse the circle to the other side. Inhale and exhale. Inhale. And exhale. Wonderful.

Keep circling the flag. Let's do this one more time. circle again, stay up here and put your leg down. Great, wonderful. But take it two seconds break. And slowly I bring my ball back as I roll under my feet, towards my hips.

Somewhere here. Okay. So this time we were both it's gonna be really unstable feeling. But if you engage our hips and ABS, well, we can manage. Okay? So from here, I first would like you to put your weight on your right leg and we lift our pelvis up, just like this.

Okay? Just feel how this feels. And we bring the hips down, like, All right, let's do this one more time to get used in help bring the pelvis up. And great. This time, we bring the hips up and we stay there. Inhale up, still here.

Now find a good point to press the pillow. Find your balance, engage those apps well, and we miss the left leg up and point the ceiling. Still here now and we will do this price type in Hello the hips down and up in her grow up. Wonderful. Inhale and up. Okay last to it and up.

So, stay here, put the light down and put your hips down and let's change to the other leg. Wonderful. Now my ball is under my left foot. And let's lift the pelvis two times to get used to lift your pelvis up. and wonderful. Up and good.

This down, we go up and we Stay here. And now find your balance. abs engaged, lift your right leg up, point to the ceiling and hips down. And now up again. Inhale, bring the hips down. Exhale up.

Inhale down. Exhale up. Wonderful. Let's do this. three more times, up and up and wonderful and bring this like, this was great. We really feel also the legs here quite a lot, and also our apps.

All right now, let's take our ball and let's continue with Alright, what we will do is know is that I want you You to slowly lift your legs up to tabletop position and my arms are here. Okay, just pointing the ceiling. And from here, I lift my legs more up so my toes are pointing to feeling great. Know what an inhale, I engage my app and lift my head up and attract. touch my toes. And I go down and back.

Okay, first thing is your apps. If you're ready, go and reach and go, rich. And go. lift her up and rich and 10 more times. We can do it. And and use your breath.

Inhale. And exhale. Inhale, back. Exhale up less and flop and tree and arms. But keep your legs up. All right, this time, I'm gonna take my ball and I lift my head up.

I put my arms around my legs here, and I put Congress making a circle here. But as we try to bring the both the other hip few doing a little bit of work here, let's do the three more taps. And once they hear no reverse, for my left hand, to Right hand, left hand to right. feel those apps burning right now? three and two and one and bring your arms down and legs down. Wonderful.

We should really feel our muscles right now. They ever want, right? No. All right. So, this time I'm going to bring my lights again up. So we're here.

Okay. That's my next I close, my arms are up. Okay. So I will take an inhale, lift my head and ribcage up and when I lift my legs and stand in between my legs, and all right, this is your Mo. inhale, and exhale. Inhale, exhale.

Inhale, exhale. Lift the head up and open the likes and lows, five and four and three, down and bring your balls tight, you wonderful. This really feels good as well. We really feel the ups. Alright, so this time, let's slowly come to our sitting position right now, just I want to take up to here to release a little bit so I'm back wonderful stretch planet back. Good.

Over and back last time and backstage here, love fans, you're nice and place your ball in between your knees over here. Okay? As I close my bowl in between my knees, I will put my arms on the mat. Okay, so this is the position. So put your palms on the mat. And if you're ready, let's see the first close.

So first, I'm going to lift my legs up to the top, and bring them down and up, and wonderful. Engage your ups. Keep your shoulders purple ears. Don't drop the chest like this. Keep it up. And last three and two and one.

Thank you. This time what I'm going to do is that I will bring my legs towards my chest and stand up for brain and sport. Three and Four. Great feel those ups. Absolutely burning and less 5432. long as they know standing next to right and center, left and center. Right.

And center. Wonderful. Lessons. Three more sets. Three to the left, middle and two and left and left. Go here, middle, left, come from middle.

Put your legs down. Well relax. Good rest take it was like up again. As I bring my life down, right and to middle, no to left and middle, mix a little bit and left up to my thoughts and up again and put my legs down, relax two seconds, take them to your sitting position again and take your bang, please, behind your hips. So we're here, okay, not so not this level somewhere between your hips and bra. I'm going to put it here.

So in this exercise, the bag will be support for us correctly with the passion roll down. Alright, so I'm go ahead and put my back on the ball. So find this position here. Okay, once you find this position, put your arms up as we roll up. We should still there because we will roll on it and in the back of the lens on you're still here and up again. We can also start with a little bit.

Again, cover back for such a terrible as if people don't find almost we little down but not and we go up. Wonderful. One more time inhale and then go down and up and fart. Good. Let's do this three more times. In healthcare go back as we lay down and go on.

And I still up and forward, two more times, go down. Squeeze the those up and up. Very good. One more time, don't go down, down, down and up and bring your arms down, relax the head and shoulders and take a bowl. And this time we won't. What we will do, we will lay down a grid.

And this time I'm gonna place my right under my hips. Just here. Okay, just try it. Trust me feel. So it should not be here. This is wrong.

It's making my backyard so this is not correct. If it's too bad and we cannot do to exercise this was so primitive but forward. So somewhere under your pelvis, your hip. Okay. If you're ready if you find this position. Now, let's start with top spring your right leg So this will help us to get a little bit familiar with the new position of operable and left leg up.

Good. Find your balance, load the right leg down, touch the toe, and exhale. So as you feel it's a bit unstable because we are not laying on the flux flux from anymore so the ball is making it harder for us so that we can work those muscles more. Keep your abs engaged as we load the toes down. and up and up. Wonderful.

I hope you feel more comfortable. If you do list of five more times and four and three and two and last one and we stay here right. Now bring your legs up. Okay, we are starting now. As we bring the legs up, I want you to Lord the rings a bell and up, five times, down. And up, keep your upper this table apps engage, just like moving up, and up and down.

Great. One more time, down and up, stay here, open your legs and make a whole circle close. Come up, open, load the next down as we make a half circle, and up. open circle. and wonderful. three more times open.

Circle. And up. We are doing very good circle, and I bless them upon circle and I and we stay here and this time I'm going to go to My kind of roll over, but people do a pressure one. So make sure the ball stays here. Press your palms well to the mat, engage your abs and raise your. So I'm gonna bring my legs close my head first.

Once I cannot press my palms well and lift my hips up and lower my hips down as a lead on my ball. Lord like style. Bring the legs toward my head. lift the hips up and bring the hips down as I land on my great so make sure the ball staying there. If not, you can adjust with your hands. And again, hold up a bit more.

And Great, let's do two more times. We go up foolish the hips up. And as we go and do the last one, push the hips up and stay here. Florida likes down, just two seconds break. Before we move to the next exercise, bring your legs up again. We will do single like stretch.

And after we will add our arm. So bring your legs up again. Wonderful. Find your balance and lower your right leg down. As you bring the left leg, torso chest and switch is kind of scissors in the air and switch and switch law dislike as much as you can. Wonderful.

Keep making scissors. This time I'm gonna add my arms. So opposite arm with opposite Like, okay, and I bring this arm back the opposite, like close to me. And I switch. And if it's confusing, maybe take your time and join me during this move. Apps engaged one of the opposite arm to the leg and back and forward.

Here, beggars can be an issue because I have no more support. I lifted my arms and legs moving together. Last two. And last one. I stay here, bring my legs up and put everything though. Great, wonderful job.

Take your bed and hold it. Well. Now this one is a bit strange after the ball and I run a finish with some hard exercises. So if you remember your criss cross, lift your left leg up, I'm going to guide you and put your ball on your left knee. Now lift your head and chest up and bring you right here so let's go on to four fingers on here and the other arm behind your head. From here a press my leg as I roll the ball and back just like an excel in an Excel wonderful pressed, if you want more challenge, stretch this look forward and continue rolling.

Last time and I changed it like this left arm behind my head and up and up and go, great challenge Thresh to look forward and lifesteal and put your wonderful. Let's come to our sitting position again to make some stretch. So take your bag with me now. Hear me go forward and stretch. And come back. Wonderful.

Stretch forward and back and back. One more time and back again for more time. I'm back and novio arms done. Wonderful. So we have finished our EPS workout with mineable. I hope you enjoyed it.

See which exercises you like the most and which of them you don't enjoy a lot so you can always choose among them and try the ones that you like most. And actually really don't like it's means also that you are weak on those most. So as we wish, just continue practicing and you can also decrease or increase repetition as you like. And I will see you in the next lecture with another

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