Resistance Band

30 minutes
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Hello and welcome to your expert count ready. So today I will have two different bands as I stated before, one is light and the other one is medium strength. So if you wish to have a harder one, you can also use that one is no problem. Or if you wish to go with the light hole and see how you doing and then you can also switch to medium or heavy stronger. So, if you already get the registers bands you prefer and then we will start our apps work out immediately. So I'm going to leave this fence for the moment, the medium level one here.

Maybe I can use it later but I will start with the lights by first. Alright, so go and let's start our sitting position first. So go ahead and sit on your hips. And if this is difficult to keep your legs straight, you can go ahead and put a pillow under your hips or you can also bend your knees slightly. Okay, but keep your back straight for the month. Okay, I'm gonna stretch my legs for the moment.

So take your belt, so make sure you have equal length on both sides. And go ahead and place it behind your feet here. So here I have equal length, okay, on right and left. So make sure you also have that and here open your band, quite large lipo it can wrap around your feet so it will be easy to be can open your legs just a little bit. Put a participant You're ready. Take your bed in your hands.

And from here slowly, first, I will tuck my tailbone and I will go to my rolling position from here. Okay. So what am I going to do is tuck my tailbone slowly and slowly go down, very slow, very slow, slow, slow, go here, where you are in your maximum, and come and roll up. Okay, that's the most. So keep your arms stable here and elbows bent all the time. And then we go again, inhale to terrible.

Slowly go back, back, back, back, back, back. So we're here and come up. Great. Let's do this 10 times. If you're ready to keep your arms stable, your resistance is tight and in health so don't Thank you. unexcelled wonderful.

We have more and more. Let's go. Inhale. And exhale. Wonderful. Inhale down.

Exhale. So engage your apps well and squeeze those apps. So we feel the move more. Stay here. And up. Great.

Try to keep your legs stable attached to Matt as we go down and up great so you can take us up, it's supposed to come up if you need to pull the band well. Inhale, go down one more time. As I go down, my arms also moving and exhale up. Small, inhale down, keep the abs engaged, and upgrade. We are warming up our apps. Price more.

So And up, great. For more in held up, stay here and come up. Wonderful. Three more, though. And don't Don't, don't don't go to like stable mind modalism with up, last one we go down and up and bring your arms down. Great, keep the band stay behind your feet and then we will get down and we will not come up so we will stay somewhere down on our shoulder blades.

Okay, and we will do small moves. So if you're ready, take a bend in your hands and this lowly role going forward. slowly go down there Slow, slow Slow, stay here, not bend your knees. Great. So keep the band still here, okay? And your arms are stable.

From here slowly come up. And great. So bring your arms straight. As we go though. Inhale, come up and wonderful in health and elbows to bend and up. And great.

For more time, inhale, bend the elbows, lift ahead and ribcage up and watch your knees and go to wonderful places three more times. Inhale up, squeeze the UPS come as high as possible and down on the floor underscore two more times in health arms race in help bend the elbows lift the head up. Great laska we go up and we stay there. Inhale up, stay this toe. I want to add, fix my bed, I will add a rotation to stay where you are. So this time I'm up.

I go down, bring my arm straight, and this time when I lift my head up, I rotate and lift my ribcage to left. And great. That's the more one more time inhale. This comes from right side, lift towards the right leg and arm straight. Wander. Two more sets.

Inhale and exhale. Inhale up to the right and exhale. Now for more time to last up. And last and right, up and chill. And relax. Great.

Stretch your feet. Wonderful. Now bend your elbows and we will slowly come up to our rolling position. Okay. So let's go here two more Kelso in help. Come up, watch your feet as you bent from the bed like Celtel.

Great. One more time, up and up. Great, wonderful levangie or less nice and secure bandwidth you and we move to our hundredth exercise I will come just to make sure you see me. Great. So take your bands and again, hold it equally Lift your right leg up and the left leg up. Okay?

So put your band on your sheets over here. Okay? Open it wide. So my band is somewhere here. So the band is closest to your knees somewhere here, okay, don't put so much here. So pull up here.

And from here, we will move to our hundred. So if you have a neck problem, you can keep your head down. If you can, you can just lift your head and roof cage up, engage your apps. And let's go inhale. 12345 Thanks, access to 3456 inhale 234344 keep doing so. Hold the band well.

Again, if you have a problem with your neck, go ahead and put your head down and just work with the arms. Wonderful inhale 2345 excellent. 232345 wonderful, we're doing super great. Pull the band in 3345 Keep your abs engaged last two steps we can do it. Female 2345 exit 2345 stay here, put your head down and take your bed and put the lifestyle wonderful. We continue with single like circle.

So go ahead and lift your right leg up placed under you. So we're here again make sure you have equal length of your band. So here option one is to keep your legs straight here. If you cannot you can also bend it is no problem. And the second option is keep this like men are stretched forward, Okay, I'm gonna keep it like this. So if you prefer to bend you can get like up and up and keep your elbows on the map.

And yeah, it was bringing them up like this. So keep the elbows and so we have a nice hamstring stretches up here. Now point to put just lightly me go to the circle. So feel the resistance of your band. Okay, if you need to release a bit advanced, you can release me circle. Wonderful, keep your apps engage and make a circle.

So here the band is actually helping us to move our leg and we are working our apps. Wonderful. keep circling as big as possible. As long as you don't move your hips Let's do one more circle because it feels so good. And they up here and reverse the circle. Wonderful.

So press well the band and feel the resistance. Wonderful. Let's do two more times here. And last one. Stay up here. Keep the lights up.

So I'm going to show you the way to change to bring the other like up, place it be times your feet, places comfortably and bring the right like that. Great. So let's crush this like up three times one and two, and three. So I'm going to show the other version now from my right leg. From here, I point my foot a little bit and I circle. So as you see my right knee is bent now.

So this is easier, like a small circle. Wonderful. If you want you can stretch this leg forward and keep circling. So you can make a bigger circle if you stretch this like though, as you see, huge circles. It feels so good. Keep your abs engaged.

Let's do one more time as they appear and reverse the circle. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale, make a big BPP big circle. But don't move your hips. Keep them attached one is the last one. Come up here and loaded like that.

Great. Take your bandwidth you. All right, take your hands, take your bends in your head, okay, with equal distance from right and left and we move to our single leg stretch. So you can hold your bends like this. So it's you are wrapping it with your top here and you are holding the bands in your palm, okay, and then you can close your hands or you can keep it open like this. Alright, so keep your arms up here so my arms are straight.

And if you're ready, with an inhale, level, lift your ribcage and head up. As the arms comes up, its forward. From here. Lift your right leg up with bended knee and the left leg up. Wonderful. Tip your abs engaged as we move to single most.

Bring the word like more searches and push band and make the other leg straight and change the like. So here you see I'm how I'm pushing the rain banford so that's the push and release, push and either hands are getting tired, just hold it while the bands and push, push. So we are creating an extra room for us to push the band as we work the arms and legs push in help and Excel. Wonderful push and push. Inhale and last one. Wonderful.

Bring the legs up, lower the head down and bring the lifestyle. Great. Just two seconds right before we we move to double leg stretch. So, go ahead and place your pens under your feet again. All right, and bring the lights up. Great.

So come here, I want you to lift your head up and ribcage up. If this is difficult, you can keep them keep it down and slightly bend your knees. So I'm having the bandwidth here so it doesn't go away. Okay. So with an inhale, I push my legs pervert and make it straight and open my arms and come back. Okay, this is the more inhale, push and push and close.

Open your arms as the stretch the legs and close. Open Close. Inhale and exhale. Inhale. Wonderful. Open.

Push, and then push and burn. Last time push and bands, put your head down and the lifestyle great. Wonderful. Keep the band in the position, same position. And this time we will lift the lights up. So let's put the band my mood.

Okay, and then bring the lights up. Great. Now hold again your fans will and put your elbows beside you and don't open your arms. Keep them close your ribcage. So I'm going to show two versions. One is the head down and the other one is had this list.

So the head down version from here, a slogan over my lifestyle Exhale up. Wonderful. Keep your abs engaged. And don't move your hips. Be careful to your lower back. Don't arc your lower back as we go over to like sell.

And if you want much others, go ahead and lift your head up and lower the lights and up and up great in hell and excel and excel wonderful tomorrow. Tell us tell us know Put your head down, bring the lights down. Great. Take your bandwidth you can break before we move to crisscross. And so I'm gonna hold my bed here. Okay, in my hands.

So don't hold it so close. Okay, because then it's more difficult than you think. gonna stretch the band. So hope is somewhere here and not also not so close to the end of your pants over here, I think is good. Okay, so if you're ready if you're holding your band well and slowly lift your head and ribcage up, mode, arms just a little bit down. Bring the legs up to the top.

As we bring randwick to our chest, left what I bring to let my chest stretch the road lick, and I rotate my torso to most abandoned me. And me and me though, and right, wonderful. If you get it, join me as we listen to like come to the middle so we can do it more continuous now. an inhale, exhale Between your very good feel the burn in your Unless Unless one and come to the middle hello to head down and lifestyle wonderful. Such a great burn, feel in the apps. Good.

Let's give a little bit break to our apps. So I want you to hold your band and place it on your belly somewhere here and hold it with your hands. So this time we will keep our arms and hands on the map okay. So please will your best. Open it well and play some work in your hip joint somewhere here. Okay, press your feet well on the mat, what an inhale, I engage my abs and raise my hips up.

And great. If you want to make it more challenging, hold it more tight. Feel the resistance and up and up and inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. three more times we can do it. That's easy.

Unless two and one and last one, go up and bring everything down. Wonderful. We are doing very good. So no slightly. Let's come to our sitting position first. So I'm going to go Back to be in the middle.

All right, so I'm gonna take my fans this time, please behind my feet again. So we're here. All right. So from here I want you if you remember the teaser exercise, so we want to support the teaser. Okay, so, my arms, I'm holding my hand tight and my arms was placed on we're here, okay when we do the move, but this word that I want you to come and sit on your seat bones, somewhere summer here and find your balance here. Okay?

So make sure you are not moving while staying like this. Okay? So if you find your balance, go ahead and stretch this light up and find your balance here. Okay, if you find the balance, never dislikes though, as I keep my hands in the same position. kind of touch them up and bring the lights up. He lowered the Nextel XL up, find your balance.

Don't rush slowly. Inhale Lord like still up so this requires a bit concentration as well to keep the balance. Florida likes down and up. Wonderful lower tempo and absolutely to see my back. I'm little I have a nice curve here My back is not so straight. I'm staying a little bit on the back down and feel which muscles are working.

Keep the arms table up and down and up and down. And relax. Good Bring the arms down. So we will going to add one more challenge we will add arms as well, so it's like a teaser, but still partial teaser. Okay, if you're doing well with this movie can just keep doing this. Otherwise if you want to have more challenge, again, go ahead and bring the leg up, find your balance.

So this chemical release the band epic because we will open the arms as well. So come here, stretch the legs and your arms and close, find your balance. Open and close. Open and close, don't rush, find your balance. And then find your balance. And then wonderful.

Three and two, and one and stay here. Don't lose your position. This time. I'm gonna make my leg stretch. I didn't know where my legs ever really My arms up and bring them up. And I'll just turn my arms are straight.

Let's go down. Hello. So, so keep him reshape 10 loses fingers and up, arms, I'm back. And now lost three and two and one and losing that. Well, great. Just two seconds break for our apps before we move to the next exercise.

I hope you're doing well. If you do well, let's before we move to the next exercise I want you to slowly from here go down, river slow touch great Keep the band's behind your feet still and bring those like up. Great. elbows down from here, Florida. lifesteal. Touch the mats and relax.

And from here, we bring the arms back. bend the elbows and bring the arms forward and bring legs and arms back. And elbows brings us closer to our hips. And legs up one. Arms I'm back. I'm besides you, and like up and arms, but I'm still like, up and arms back.

Stay here. Your arms besides you again and you're stuck. So I'm going to do first the left side. So first, let's set up our legs. Okay? So I'm gonna put the band under my left leg, okay?

Because I'm gonna lay on this side, something like that. Okay. So this leg can stay forward or back, I will put back because I feel more comfortable here. Okay, so from here so the band's well on your left leg, okay. So from here, we will lift our hips up as we lift. We will bring the arm all over, but let's first just bent so at least our heads up to prepare and keep the strength hips up, and up.

And great. No, as I bring my hips up, I bring my arm and stretch and stretch. And join me up. And so it's like everyone's working up. And plus two more times up. Stretch well, and one more time, up and unless the side.

So I'm going to go and place my bed on my right. feet, this is like come and put my, my left for. Great. So let's again, start with lifting our hips. Okay, so Straight from the bed and my rib cage is lifted. From here, I lift my hips up and up and up and down.

Let's go at the forward stretch. And keep your shoulders are from your ear list and wonderful arms straight list and three more times, we can do it. And looking forward, analyst and last time we can do it go and take off and relax. remain with our arms. So if you want to stick around Ben and bring it on your head. From here opened when stretch it and close to this gonna be good for your arms open Stretch Stretch Angeles.

Let's do it forward as well. Stretch. Exhale, inhale and exhale, load those vertical your head and congratulations. So we finished our workout workouts with resistance bands. I hope you enjoyed. As I mentioned at the beginning of the lesson, you can do it with a light pen at the beginning.

Once you're used to or once you feel like you get the move and one more challenge than you can do which folder best but this first part with the light I think it will be easier I hope you enjoy it again and I will see you next lecture with another

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