Resistance Band

38 minutes
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Hello and welcome to your arms and shoulders workout with resistance belt. So we will do the lecture in to pass tending and also on our Mac. So if you have your preferred resistance bands, lights, medium or strong, let's start with the first exercises. So I'm going to work with my light bed for these exercises. So first, let's start to warm up a bit, our arms, go ahead and pull for bands just like this in between your prompts, so you can keep it a bit closer if you want to increase the resistance, okay? So take an inhale and bring those arms up.

Wonderful. Keep your arms stable here and your legs Live it's open, we slowly bend to left and up and to the right. And up. Great. Keep your arms up. up again.

Right, left for it's wonderful in how right up, Excel and up. Great. So this time I'm gonna bend my right arm stable and I know my left arm towards my legs and up and come back to the starting position. Again, so this time to the right, I bent the right so my arms straight here. I stretched the bent towards my leg and come up to standing position again. One more time, inhale bad left.

Give this arm stable. Stretch the bend up Last time we do to the right side, bend, stretch. up and come up. Great, wonderful. So this time, I will just turn my back. Some work here.

Good. So I bring my arms up. I bring my arms back here. So I want you to feel the stretch here. Just see me from side. So we bring back, make a whole circle, as former associate Can you see the move in my shoulders.

So bring my arms back, like a whole circle. And forward, keep your arms open, far from each other. Let's do this four more times because it feels so good. Back and forth. back and forward. All right, one more sun back.

And take your pen and go ahead and place behind under your right foot. Great. So I'm going to step on my bench here and I hold the bandwidth my both hands. So I will bend my knees just a little bit, okay, so I don't say straight up like this, I bend my knees a little bit. And from here, I will put my weight to my free light to my left leg, okay? So go ahead and put my weight to the left leg as I lift my right leg up, okay.

And I bring my leg down again. So this time, what I'm gonna do is to add my arm. So as I lift my right leg, I list my left arm and comes up. Okay, so if you need Touch, you can touch if you can do it without touching is fine. So inhale, I bring my right leg up and my arm. And wonderful one more time up.

And there's a nice coordination and balance as well and be a little bit working our legs as well. Listen to three motors, three, two and last one, and come down, greatness changed. So I'm gonna put my bed under my left leg. Now. Let's put and then I will put my weight on my right foot. Great.

So I bend my knees a little bit. I keep my pants quite straight, and lift this leg up, and I'll just get used to the move. First I left. Lift, enter. Now at the are open Close. So try to keep this arm as high as you can without losing the balance up.

And if this is maximum stay here, it's okay, if you can go ahead and stretch and stretch and five more top 54321 and bring everything though. Great. Let's take the band to the other what's called the moment. So I'm going to place my bands again under my foot and I will bring this leg a bit forward and the other leg is behind and both of my knees are bent. Okay, so I bring my proper forwards here. As I've worked with my arms.

I hold my bandwidth from here. I stretch my legs. Okay, if you're ready, I keep my elbows in the same position, and I stretch my arms back and bring my arms forward and back and forward is clear. So here I bring my arms back and forward, so my elbows are not moving so much, but just my arms moving back and forward. So when you bring it back, pull, it will feel the muscles and bring it forward. Also pull it here and feel the muscles.

So it's double work. back, and forward. back and forward. Wonderful. Back. five more times and four and three And to us was wonderful.

Let's switch the site. So I'm going to play my left foot this time. Bring my right leg back, bend my knees slightly. So check my bed, my elbows right near my ribcage. I pull my bed up, and down, and back and up, up and down. Back and great feel again, the muscles working, which was working.

Good. Keep your shoulders down, and we're doing this so the move is from your arm not from your shoulder. Bring the back up and back. up and back grid less was five more 10 and four Back, three, and back. and back and back. Bring the likes of the bands up as much as we can bring the arms up, up, up, up, up, and up.

Great. One more time. Up and down. Up and keep your abs engaged, arms are straight up, and will keep your shoulders square from your ears up. And mouth now, up, open, close. And up, open.

Close. And great. Up. Open, close. And relax. Good.

Circle your shoulders and relax. If you need those, we can bring your And just touch here. I'm bringing it up. Again, small circles. And let's go to our max. All right, so I take my medium level fence for the rest of these exercises.

If you want to continue with the light balance, it's fine. So let's, let's continue warming up our arms more. So I just want you to sit comfortably, or you can keep your legs like this or straight as you want as we pull our band so I'm holding my band just in front of me so my arms are lifted. Okay? And so I don't drop them. I don't put them so high neither.

So just somewhere here on my chest. You can play Two events between your Tom's here just like this. Okay? I'm here with slowly open our arms and bring back, open and back nice. First Love, you can also hold your bed like this, he feels more comfortable. The open and back.

Good. Less of this class more times 4321 no I stay here. This time. I'm gonna keep my right arm straight and I've worked with my left arm only. So I will protect my right arms here. And I open my left arm.

So until it's on my shoulder somewhere here. And now right arm open, open more and close. So make sure your arms coming all the way to your side and here Keep your shoulders down, just real quick the arms just like this wonderful. And keep looking forward. It's such the burn of it. Now I can feel.

Let's do this two more times. And one and last one. And stay here and lower your arms up. Great. So now let's take our fans and place behind our feet. So here if you wish to go ahead and put a pillow under you, you can if you have tight hamstrings, okay, so you can keep your legs like this.

So this time my band is a bit shorter. So because I want to keep it more challenging, if you want to continue with your longer and lighter bed, it's fine. Okay, so here, I'm holding my band somewhere here and I'm sitting up Alright, alright, and my arms are wonderful system here. I pulled my bed as I bend my elbows and make it straight again. That's it. That's the move Okay, so keep your arms in the same they will always pull the bend and bend your elbows and forward.

Cool. Angeles. Good. Keep your abs engaged as well here and farmers inhale and exhale. Good. Feel the resistance and also focus on which muscles are working now with our arms got more time and for three to one, stay here.

Lift your arms up. But we will do the same move but arms are lifted this time to turn poms as if they are not watching each other just like this. If they're like this, just turn them. Okay. So this time, I'm going to pull the band as I bring my elbows up somewhere here and go up somewhere here. Okay?

And pull Angeles. So here, check your arms what they're doing. If they're like this, lift them up, and forward, up and forward and keep your shoulders though. So don't do this. This is not correct. Like this, keep them down, and just back and forth.

Back. It's also good to do next to a mirror so you can actually see yourself and correct yourself as well. It's a good idea. last three, and two, and one and lower to amstell. Great, wonderful. So keep Your position.

This time I'm gonna bring my elbows down. Okay, so they're close to my ribcage somewhere here and I hold my fence. I keep my elbows in the same position as I pull the belt toward my chest and that's it. Okay. So inhale poop and really good. So here we are working more to be set.

Okay. So pull and pull and release feel word that the muscle working muscle shift though. So we are working on a different parts of our very good. It's an easy, but very effective move. You should do to regularly endless five and 4321. So one thing I want to remind you Avoid moving your wrist.

Okay, so the move is from your elbow and arm. So if you're doing this, you see my wrist, so this is not correct. So the move here is locked and the move is from elbow into elbow. And if you're doing this, you're gonna hurt yourself and it's not good. Okay? So bring this up now, so they will stay up all the time here.

All right, my bed towards my head, and I straight my arms. You see, the elbows are not dropping so my elbows are all the time in the same level. So I'm not doing this. You see, so this is wrong to keep them up. And go so the middle is only in your elbow again. Good.

Keep it wonderful, very effective. Which muscles are bertino plus 54321. And this time I'm gonna stop hugging and bend my elbow. Okay, as I found this elbow I will stretch this arm but straight on and bring back here. Okay, so this is this person pushed no right or straight and bring it back. Okay.

Oh put, stretch, stretch, stretch and cloth and right side, keep your shoulder stuff. Open and close. Open and close. Wonderful. Open and close. Less three more sets and two And last one last arm and stay here load arms down for two seconds to relax if you need to relax your shoulders, continue with double arm know both of them.

So lift them up. So we're here. So again, the elbows are locked here. From here, take it inhale and open both arms. And so here go ahead and open as much as possible. And close.

Good. Open. Open and close. three more times. And two, and one. I know so much going on here, but we have two more most and this time let's add rotation.

Okay, so move your arms up again. So similar mo but this time, I'm going to open my right arm, and though and left arm up and I will take two, right. So you see I'm okay, more wider, and come to the middle. All right to the other side. So I take my left hand and move down and rotate an open here. Nice open, stretch, and right, open.

And close. Open and close. Wonderful. Open and close. Two more tabs open and close. Open and close.

Stay here Don't go anywhere. So this time bring your provide a bit forward. Something like this. If you need to bend your knees is ok just spend like, but bring this provided a bit forward. Okay. So Go ahead and place your elbows near your ribcage here and keep them stable there.

Okay. So once we set our position, take an inhale, and then bring the arms back, right and close again and bring back. Okay, keep the elbows straight again, in health, arms back, and forwards and close. Good. Back and forth. Keep your elbows in the same level.

Move with your elbows on the wrist unlocked. Avoid moving your hands. Wonderful. This is also very nice move very effective. This was pipe smoke time for 321 Right, wonderful. I really like those moves.

All right, let's give us a break from sitting and let's lay down on our chest. All right, so I'm going to hold my Benz in between my head as I go and light on my chest. So we're here. Okay, I'm going to take my bed and hold it somewhere here. Okay? So don't hold it so open because then we cannot move with.

So and don't hold it. So close it like this. Okay? Like your shoulder width. Okay, so if you're ready, I look kind of swimming. But we will work less with the arms up and so let's go and put our chest okay?

My heavens up. I also lift my arms up my hips and up to engage. Open my arms and open and open. And what we're doing to keep it up, keep your chest up and open and close. Great, nice mobility here for the shoulders and arms. You can keep up your bed in between your tongue and the other fingers to feel it more.

And stay here now with the school and press 54321 the grades are your right hand on the left. So trust your Again, I'm here with express your bench Well, okay. And so you can either keep your hands on the mouth or a little bit further on the floor as well. Okay? So I'm gonna keep it up with close to me and I would bend my elbow here. Okay, so from here, I boost my ribcage up as I trade my arm.

So, I go ahead and stretch my arm here. As I stretch my arm, when I points my comfortable position, I hold my band with my left hand, stretch outward, so we're here and come down and bend elbow. Alright, so if you have difficulties, you can go ahead and place your hand more forward so this is going to be easy so you don't need to lift your chest up. If you are fine. Bring your head closer to your chest, elbow bend, your elbow is bent Pinterest the word porn as we lift the rib cage up and open the chest. Wonderful and come down.

Let's do this five more times if we can never be moved to other up and down. As we come down, bend that elbow. It says touch the arm, open the chest. And grade three more touch and lift. Great, blessed to take an inhale and exhale. Last month, we go up and down and let's change the side.

Great. I'm going to place my hand here and I think my fans with my right arm this time I bend my elbow slightly and holding my bed here. I lift my cage off an open, open, open, open, open stretch, and come down. Great. So he keep your shoulder from your ear. Okay?

So don't do this. Okay, wonderful. Inhale, lift and stretch. And come down. Great. First more time and tree.

Class walk up and comes on. Wonderful. So, take your legs, relax, and take your bends. Oh, hold it over here behind your back. Okay. So like your Your shoulder width Okay, someone just open and head somewhere.

So just like this. Okay. So ready, lift your ribcage up, trash this band, and close. Stretch and close. Stretch and close. Great.

Keep it up so it doesn't touch you and open a stretch book. Nice stretch here. Also rest strengthening our back muscles. And again, stretch, release, stretch and release. Bring the arms forward, no, hold it and bring the arms back and forward and back. Keep your hips an absolute engage.

And be careful to lower back. Don't put pressure And back in Berlin. Wonderful, wonderful job. If you're ready, let's go to our sitting position again. So let's take our bench and place behind our feet again. So I really like this move.

Open your legs, keep it apart. If you need a pillow, go ahead and put a pillow because we need to keep our legs straight. So I want you to hold the rings, rings, hold the bends I'm sorry again, with opposite him. Okay, so, left side, you hold it with your right arm And the right side, you hold it with your left arm. Okay, something like this. So here My arms are straight.

Okay? Wonderful. If you want to watch first fine, otherwise you can go ahead and try with me. So come here I slightly lift my arms, somewhere in front of my chest, okay? And within inhale the straps and I bring my elbows somewhere here. I'm over my elbows though.

And I stretch my arms as my upper body comes forward. And I bring everything up, so that's the most Okay, so if you're ready, let's put together I pull the straps and bring my elbows to my shoulder level. I close my elbows and bring it close to my ribcage. Pull the straps as I stretch my arms and bring my upper body close to my feet and bring the arms back again. Good. Let's do this three more times.

Okay, so if you're ready, bring the elbows up stretch here. Lord, elbows down, stretched, arms back, back, back, back back and bring the upper body and bring the arms forward. Again. One more time. Inhale. Exhale, North elbows.

And inhale, press back and see more terms in lower elbows though, stretched back and come up with a straight arms last to inhale held back wonderful. Last time in Florida, I'm still fresh stones back. Last time, Okay, one more time, inhale and exhale, lowered elbows, they'll bring the upper body forward and bring the hips forward. All right, let's take our band now in our head. Some words in front of our chest as we move to Seoul exercise. So let's see how we were going to add the band in our stop exercise.

For holder bands again, somewhere here, like your shoulder width, okay? And with an inhale the slowest turns right first. Okay. And we didn't exhale, I go down to my toe here. And I keep this on offense straight. Um, don't touch too much.

Left arm up. To left, open your chest and stretch, stretch, stretch stretch. Very nice and loose the right arm up and come from middle class to other side in helter XL go to your toe and stretch this arm back, back, back, back, back. Really back. No longer this arm down and touch to bring the right arm off and go back as we stretch is like a miss road and lower this arm down and bring the other arm back go to the other side. In health turn x A go to your talk and stretch the band with your other arm and look at the other Lord arms will touch to bring the other arm up, up, up, up, up, up and stretch back, back back, open your chest with the commis.

Move again. And then bring this arm back and the other next to each other. So let's do this two more times. Okay, so inhale, this time I turn left, and then I go down to my left feet, and stretch this arm back and watch the arm. Arm don't touch too much, left to right arm up, and go ahead and come to the middle and bring the other arm back. So let's do this last time in helter, extra reach to your toe as the open the other arm back, open.

Lord arms Exhale, bring the other arm up, get ready for Miss World. And bring this arm back, back back and stretch. This feels absolutely. So good stretch well, and come to the middle, bring the arm back, rep your band behind your feet and just stretch forward here. Thank you for a few seconds. Wonderful.

And come up. Let's try one more time, forward and back. Great. Take your bandwidth you take your legs also with you. So if you need to move it as a bit, release the pressure go ahead and move give Two seconds break. And then this time we will do two more exercises.

And I will take the band behind me so I'm going to turn my back to you just for to take some size but you can just see me from the mirror. So all right, so you can see as you wish either your legs like this, or you can also sit like this if this is not comfortable, okay, so as you wish, so I'm gonna sit like this. So, this time, I will bring my band up. Okay, I can turn more. So my left arm is straight. And so we're here and I'm gonna bend my left arm as I bring Bendel I come back again next to other arm.

So just here bend and bend. And we'll try to keep this arm stable and just work with the right arm. So bring it down, and up and up. So if you're ready, just join me. Wonderful. Now stay here with your elbow.

And this time just make this arm straight and bend the elbow straight. And that's the move. Okay. 54321 and let's change this. Let's keep your arms up. This time.

I'm going to keep right arm up and bring my left arm back and back and wonderful, back up, keep the other arm stable. Just move the left arm. We are doing wonderful. And this time I bring my elbow down and I make straight and straight and bent. Wonderful. So try to keep the Benson work in the same line then your shoulder don't keep it so forward.

Okay. Last two and one and stage here. This time. Hold your fans with your right arms and release it on your back. Okay, and hope so reholster fans band we turn left arm somewhere here. Okay.

Here closer as close as possible so we can work those muscles more. Okay. So from here is you see my elbows are bent and try to avoid doing this to keep it up and your arms also tight. So from here I stretch my bend some both of my arms are straight. And go ahead and bend, stretch and muscle Try to keep your bent in your spine level. So as if you're stretching your spine, just things like this.

So don't do to the side. Okay, look like this. So, vertical line up, and up, and down. Wonderful stretch, and release, stretch, and release less of five more times. And four, and three and two and One and let's switch to arm so this time I'm going to keep my left arm on top and right on bottom here. Somewhere here, okay.

And if you're ready, let's stretch and stretch. And again think as if you are stretching your spine up and wonderful up and up and off feel which muscles are working again here. Last 5432 and four lakhs. So I'm going to turn back to you as we finish our arms and shoulders, workouts with resistance band, so This time I use both of the bands and you can choose the one you like if you prefer lighter you can do with the lighter. Or if you prefer medium or stronger You can also do with medium and stronger. I hope you enjoy this work out.

It's again very easy and simple moves, but can be very challenging against the resistance. And I really like this too because it's too small and you can put in your bag and bring wherever you want, even in your office or when you're traveling in the airport or wherever you want. It's so convenient to do those exercises. I hope you enjoy it and I will see you in the next lecture with another

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