Fit Ball

27 minutes
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Hello and welcome to your expert couch with fishbowl or SWISCO. I have prepared a lot of exercises for you that we will work our apps in this workout. If you're ready, get your ball and let's start. So first exercises we will be sitting on our ball. So I'm going to place my ball just in the middle like this and I will go and sit on it. Good.

So go ahead and stone your ball as well before we start, just two seconds to feel comfortable. So here actually the challenge is our hips are on the soft surface on our ball. So that's why we will feel the muscles quite a lot because we are working on a platform that is not table was different than working on Please come on your mat on a hard surface. Okay, so if you're ready, just go and sit on your bow and wants to have this position, just take your legs they are he put apart and I'm not so sitting in front like this. As you see my knees are not forward, so push them back. So you have a 90 degrees here and you're sitting in the middle of your bowl.

Okay, so let's try to sit up tight on the ball first. And let's practice let's have the awareness of where we are sitting and off the wall as well. Okay? If you're ready, so let's start with our first exercise. So to take your arms and place behind your head, just here, okay? So try to keep your position without moving our hips and legs.

So press well the man who's like the turn right? We rotate our torso to right and tomayto And left and middle, just like that. So let's keep doing this couple of times until you feel comfortable with the ball. And as your breath, inhale and exhale, inhale. Exhale, try to engage your abs and feel your absolute a bit. Inhale and exhale.

Stretch as well, to feel wonderful and left. And right. Let's do two more types. One to the side, and to the other side, and bring your arms down. Great. Now let's take our hands in front of our chest, something like this.

So I'm putting my palm on top of each other and from here Now we will move the ball A little bit too forward, I keep my legs in the same position, okay, I don't move my legs. And I tuck my tailbone here. So I bring my hips forward, just like this. Okay? And back. So let's practice this couple of times, just forward and back.

So pay attention, your legs are stable, complete the just the hips moving forward, and back. Wonderful. three more times here, and two, and one. And we go move forward. So this time I go more down. This time, my legs are moving a little bit forward.

I think here and come up, okay, so don't go so much on your shoulders on your back. Just stay in between. Okay, engage your abs, and we bring the hips forward, engage your abs, feel your apps, and up threats to keep your arms up as walk on water in her Back up wonderful five quarters. Let's do this five and four. Try to come straight forward and back ever to go right and left. Just forward and back.

Forward and back. Wonderful last time, forward and back. Stay here. I'm still up this time, what am I gonna do is lift my right leg up. Okay, we can bring the arms down first. So I lift my right leg up, and lift up.

And now it looks easy. But you will see that you will challenge the balance here, up and down, very small move up, and up and down, to keep you engaged all the time. up and wonderful. Two more times to keep the hips very quiet, very silent. And great, no, bring your arms again up. Okay, from here, I go down again.

I will take the left, open my arms close, come to the middle, and rock. So we will do this to both sides. One more time. Inhale, tuck the tailbone and go down. Stay here, rotate to write an open the art. Slow, middle, and wonderful.

Again, forward, roll the hips though. For today's an open, arms and close, middle, and up. Wonderful. Let's go to the other side. Forward. Turn, open the arms as wide as you can.

Close, middle. So we should really start to feel our apps now. Let's say the Open, open, open, close, me those. Wonderful. Let's go to the other set, Harvard. Open, close, middle, and up.

Two more times down. open to the side. Close, middle, and up. Last time to the right, though. Open and close to the middle, and up. Wonderful.

Take your arms behind your head again. Good. So this time I'm going to go down it this position, avocado ground somewhere here. So my legs are forward a bit and as I come up from rest And to me, one more time Vigo go straight to the right. cup on your right side. And to middle.

Be careful to your balance. One more time we go down and left. come from your left and up. One more time tell rotative right. Come up on your right side and to the middle. Two more times in heavy rotel del del and come on your left and to the middle for Morton Goodell.

Stay here engaged. Come to right side. So we've worked on me though. Let's do this two more times. Okay, inhale, go back, down. Don't go.

Left. And wonderful and middle. Last time, he held out to try and come up and stay here. So this time, I'm going to just go back and forward. Let's do this couple of times. So with an inhale, I squeeze my abs, engage my apps.

And I go, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't, don't rush the back here. And we come up, push up. Wonderful. Let's do this maybe three times. Inhale at the tailbone and bring the hips forward, forward as we lay down our shoulder blades here. And squeezed up and come up.

Wonderful. Again, inhale, tuck the tailbone, slowly, bring the hips forward, be go down, down, down and engaged up. After our last time, we go down, tuck the tailbone and go down, down, down, down slowly, its control. Stay here, and we go up, up, up, up st and bring the arms down to circus. So we should really feel the abs in these exercises slowly. Okay, so I'm going to move a little bit back.

Alright, so just have two seconds, break your head, if you need before we move. Great, wonderful. So let's come and sit on our map. Okay, so this time I'm going to take my ball in between somewhere here, so I will put my legs on it. Okay. So let's hold the ball here.

Go down, have a place my ride like first and then left leg. And I keep my book here just under my legs, okay? So the ball not so close to my knees like this. And it's not so much going away like this neither, so it's somewhere between your heels and me. Okay. So if you take this position, we will continue with our hundred.

So take an inhale and bring those arms up. Let's complete this right. Engage your abs with an inhale, loader arms down and list chest and head up and let's go 200 inhale 2345 accepts 345 Preston ball well, don't lose it, engage your absence woke up so completely engaged and Excel to three, four. Inhale 2345 Continue pulsing. If you have a problem in your neck, go ahead and put your head down or just keep disabler sighs inhale 2345 exhale. 2345 inhale 234 exhale.

2345 Plus 22345. Exhale, 2345. Inhale 2345 plus 52345 lower to head down, and arms down. Great, wonderful mass blood circulation. Good. Now I lower my legs and I hold my ball from side.

Okay, so take the ball much closer to your hips and take it in between your two feet, okay? So try to put your feet in the middle so don't put it up or unequal. So try to imagine you have a line and this line is crossing them with Swing the ball and your legs are in the same level. Okay? So if you're ready, hold the ball well and we will carry the ball all the way up. Somewhere here.

Okay? So see how you feel now. And if you're comfortable with it, Inhale, slowly lower the ball down. And exhale up. Wonderful. I love this challenge is also the legs are working.

Inhale down. And exhale up, engage your apps. Be careful to your lower back. Don't make a cure. And wonderful, inhale down. And exhale up.

Inhale down. Exhale up, rate. Two more times. inhale, and exhale. I'll try to keep the ball stable hold as well. Last time, Dell and up Take your ball in your head and load likes down.

Wonderful. Alright, so let's move to something in between single leg stretch and crisscross. So go ahead and hold your ball in between your palms. Okay? Again, make sure you're holding it somewhere in the middle equally. Okay.

And now lift your right leg up to table top, and then the left back. Good. Stay here. Let's to toe taps here few times in help. Bring the right toe down, touch up, left leg touch and your knees are locked. The move is from your hips and the pelvis is very stable.

And, and let's continue few more times. Wonderful. Touch and up. Inhale and exhale. Inhale. And exhale.

Great. Now stay here. And with an inhale, lift your head and chest up. Keep the ball still. Now we do single leg stretch. So I stand my right leg forward, and last fall towards my chest, and switch.

Wonderful. And switch. Inhale. Exhale, switch. Continue stretching. Wonderful.

Now let's add a rotation. So inhale, turn left and right. So bring the ball to the side of the band, The wit working the objects as well. And keep the lights as we move the arms right and left. If you prefer, you can go back to the previous exercise and just work With the other was at the arm because that feels more wonderful. Inhale and exhale change.

Wonderful tomorrow times here is the one set. Looks like bring the legs up, down and down and bring your balls down. Great. Well, wonderful. So I'm going to come a little bit here this time as we move to our rollover exercise. So I would like to you to hold your ball and place in between your legs.

So we should hold the ball in between our ankles and my feet are pointed for the moment. Okay. So again, make sure you're holding the bowling in the middle and not on the court. If you're ready, bring those legs up to the ceiling. Good. So if you remember your rollover exercise, if not, I will guide you one by one.

So engage your abs. Press your palms well, and arms well. With an inhale slowly bring the legs back first. From here, press the Met well and raise your hips up until they come somewhere parallel to flow Liberty you can lower flex your feet. Keep the ball still and we didn't help slow the rotor. Very slow, keep the ball and point your foot lower the legs down and again in half.

CAPAC legs are no flex your foot an extra row. Very nice but don't go on your next day on your shoulder blades. down for more time era campolo still no shoulder blessed. flex the feet and come down slowly feel those ups and point. And again, we go parallel, flexibility defeat and slow down your spine. one vertebra at a time, point the foot and go back, parallel flex defeat.

Slow the road less so this one more time pointed foot lowered legs down. And we go lift the hips up, make the legs panel, flex the feet and still roll down downtown. Very nice roll down. Take your falls and my lifestyle. Wonderful. So here actually also engage me thing and it's like if we have working all the muscles.

Wonderful. So let's come to our sitting position. Okay, I'm gonna first go this side. So to the side you want to try the exercise first. So I'm going to try on my right side Alright, so I placed my bed Alright, so let's place our bow on our right side so from here so let's first take our position so I'm so we're not so close to my ball, okay, I have a little bit of distance. So as I bring my hips to right, I stretch my legs like up somewhere here.

Okay, so here my neck as you see is not straight is making a little bit of cure and my balls are supported with the bowl. Okay, so if you find this position Neutral comfortable. Let's take the arms behind the head. And from here I go to my side. Lovely. I go down, and great.

So let's do this first slow, down and up. Great. So try to engage your abs and curve your side. So we go down and up and down and try to feel those muscles, which muscles are working. And up, three more times, down, and up and up, and let's take our ball. Alright, so, I place my leg again.

So my hips are on the ball here. My leg is here but angle and I bring my leg forward. Okay? So you can bring it down place our both hands here behind our head. From here we go down and up, del up. This can be a small move or if you want to kill more talk, just try and wonderful down though or you can bring this arm down and this wall here don't don't wonderful feeler apps or however you Like they go all the way down and down and up, wonderful.

Down. Less the three more times down and up. And last but we go through and take your ball and we go down. This time I'm gonna lay down as my ball stays here. So I'm going to place my leg somewhere in front of my ball here so it doesn't go and the other leg is just on top. Okay.

And from here, I go ahead and place my forearm on the mat. My boat was going good, so try to keep it ball here first that is not is stable, okay. And if you already engage your apps, we will raise the hips up. So I squeeze my apps, I take a support for my arm and my shoulders. Perform what used to avoid doing this, lift the chest up. Okay?

You can place upon the front, I've lift my hips up, and up, and wonderful. Up. And don't try to make the bottom like very straight up and down your challenge. Bring this arm up and up, and keep the arm up all the time. Both tables, lift the hips up, and down. And up and down on the floor three more times.

Up and up to the analyst one And Great, let's switch the side to my left side as we work on our right arm. So again, I placed my foot first in front of my ball and the other leg is on top of my ball. I'm on my forearm here, somewhere else. Wonderful. Again, the hands can be can be in front of your chest, or up okay? If you're with the English the apps in help lift the hips up, and up, and wonderful.

Up and if you want much others bring the arm up and try to keep the ball stable and press will. So we can lift those hips up and now shoulder at year three and and Run and take your book. Keep it here as we will go on it now. So, I'm going to show you how to go on your boat. So you can take your boat here, a cup on your knees, so, go at the beginning of your math, okay? So because we will roll down, so come on your ball with your chest.

And from here, take your hands on the Merc as we slowly roll What? Great. going to come a bit more forward. So this is gonna be our position. Okay, I can come up with more forward. Great.

So here, make sure we are holding the ball. Like our knees are in the middle of the ball, okay? And it's not so far, it's not so close to my arms and my feet. Okay. So if you're ready, press your arms will lift your chest up. And use your apps.

Slowly I will bring the rope towards my chest and I lift my hips up and then bend my knees will forward forward. I'm kind of sitting on a burner. Thank you. And from Houston the ball back very slowly back and say, Good. So if you're ready to join me, engage your apps and roll the ball forward straight, straight, straight, straight, your legs together and sit on your heels and the ball back. Very slow and straight.

Good. Feel your apps one more time in her crazy, hips up, bend your knees and bring the ball forward and sit on your heels. Exhale, slowly roll the ball back as we bring the hips now. Great. Let's do this three more times can we we go in help bring the pull forward and sit on your heels and some back and bring the hips. Wonderful again in how far to make it straight.

Back and do this one more time. Again, inhale, hold the ball forward, raise the hips up. Great. Stay here, and stand the legs back, and hips. Now, as they here, we slowly roll back, back, back. As we come up.

Take the best bringing it forward. And let's give a little bit break to our apps. So I don't know you but I really feel my ass. So I hope you enjoy this recovery our people. It can be a little bit challenging because it's soft and also is big and it's moving and it's totally different than doing those exercises on hard surface. So take your time and try to exercise slowly, sometimes on your own.

Also pick the ones that you like most as I always recommend, you can increase or decrease the repetitions as well as you like. I hope you enjoyed and I will see you in the next lecture with another pro

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