Guided Meditation

3 minutes
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And in this lesson, we're going to talk more about guided meditations and perhaps guided visualizations. So up until this point, we've been doing a lot of mindfulness based meditation there is mindfulness of the body in different parts of the body, mindfulness of the breath, mindfulness of walking, that sort of thing. It's about trying to build out that mindfulness muscle. And these are actually the harder meditations to do. The guided meditations are a lot easier. And they are also very, very powerful.

And I think it's really great to be able to do a combination of both. So down below, you'll see there are a whole lot more meditations which are divided up into meditations on wisdom, which is about trying to understand the mind and how the mind works, and then meditate Patience on open heartedness. So whether that's generosity or gratefulness, or love or compassion, or that sort of thing. The idea is that you learn these guided meditations. And you pick the one which is most appropriate for you. So for example, say that you're having trouble forgiving some someone and that is coming up as a distraction.

In your mindfulness meditation, you might spend one meditation or some time doing a forgiveness meditation, so that you can get back to you the main part, which is the mindfulness meditation. So that's how you how you sort of use it in the long run. But feel free to go through all the different mindfulness meditations and choose the ones that you like, and by all means, use them as much as possible. So another, slightly different things with mindfulness. With guided meditations, we're usually contemplate A particular subject. Now another meditation type is guided visualizations where I take you on a little bit of a journey.

And in this journey, there might even be some sort of suggestions that you can work on that go into your mind and in a way work work like hypnosis really in sort of suggest making suggestions of relaxation or becoming more peaceful, being able to accept things which can be sort of stone into the guided visualizations and the visualizations, of course, take the mind on journey. So it's easy to follow along with my voice or if you're listening to guided visualizations of other people follow along with the person who's doing the visualization. So you can feel free to try those as well. So that's really all there is to say about guided visualizations. Each one has a little extra Relations. So just go ahead and choose the God of visualizations, which you feel are appropriate for you.

And then once you've learned them, you can employ them when you're doing your own meditation when you feel the need to. Okay, thanks very much

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