Setting Intention

2 minutes
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So we're now at the beginning of a journey into meditation. And all journeys can go different ways and have different endings. And perhaps for you, this meditation course is just a little bit more to add to your knowledge about meditation. Or perhaps this is the first step in something much deeper for you a much greater transformation. But whichever destination you're hoping to reach, the one thing that I'm certain of, is that the one of the things that influences that the most is our intention at the beginning of the course. So I always like to start everything I do by just checking in with my own intentions, to see if I can make them as positive as possible.

So one thing is for sure, meditation is good for a number of things. It's good for both physically health, mental health, emotional health and even your own spiritual health. But more than this, by putting yourself in a more peaceful state of mind, you're influencing also those people around you. And when you consider that doing this course is not only going to affect yourself for the better, but also affect all of those people around you in a better way. This is a much more powerful intention than just doing it for yourself alone. So whatever your intention is for this course, let's just take a moment together to have like a mini meditation on our own intention.

So take some time to think about why you want to learn this meditation and try to put it as big as possible. Try to create the intention as broad as possible to make it as powerful as possible. Okay, excellent. So if you want a slightly longer meditation on this Also, please look at our meditation section and you'll see a meditation just on setting your intention.

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