Walking Meditation

6 minutes
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Okay, so in this lesson, we're going to move on to another column type of meditation, which is walking meditation. So we've meditated on the body and we've meditated on the breath. Now, if those meditations are causing you some sort of agitation, or whatever, it might help you to get up and get your body moving. And so walking meditations are another very, very common meditation to do. And in the section below, I've given you two different types of walking meditations. One which is more concerned about mindfulness, which I'm going to explain in a moment, and the other which is to do with helping you solve maybe problems that you've got in your life which actually comes from the North American Indian tradition.

But in terms of using walking meditation to increase your mindfulness again, because this is a fundamental aspect of power of the mind that we're trying to enhance, it is good to use any chance you have to practice bringing your mind back and keeping it on the object. So rather than keeping it on the object of the body, well it is a top body moving meditation. Because we're meditating on walking off the body. Or meditating on the breath, we're actually going to concentrate on the body as it's walking along. And what this meditation will do is rather than walking at full speed, if we use just the mindfulness of walking meditation, I suggest that you actually slow your meditation down and as you'll see in the recording, we just walk just between two points, you can walk eight steps one way and then try and turn your feet About 45 degrees each time and take eight steps to step around to face the direction you came from.

And then again, take another eight steps before again stopping and turning around again. So you don't go very far you just go a step one direction and light steps back again and use eight steps to turn around. And even number of steps will keep you on the same foot as you turn one direction and then the other. Now as you're walking in this mindful way, the idea is to place most of your attention, let's say 70% of your attention on to your feet or the movement of your legs and particularly your feet as they're walking along the ground. I actually suggest if it's not too cold, take your shoes off and walking barefoot. And then you can feel every little lump and bump or if you're walking on the grass or the dirt you can feel the texture underneath your feet, and this really helps keep them focused on the beautiful sensations of your feet.

But as you walk, you walk as slowly as possible, and try to be mindful of every single part of every step. So for example, you might imagine the heel coming down and then the side of the foot, the arch of the foot coming down, and then each and every single time and do it as slowly as you can to notice every single part of the port and again, as the foot lifts off, you notice that heel lifting off first and the stretching of the foot and then the lifting of the leg is the next step takes place over and by this way, we're increasing mindfulness on this part of our body. Now with the other 30% of your mind, just keep your mind open and aware to what's happening around you. Of course, you're gonna want to do this to make sure you don't bump into anything from Stop.

But also, you'll find a delight to see what you can be aware of. Because when you're focusing and in the present moment, in this way, you might find that there are beautiful sounds that you don't normally hear when you're concentrating and rushing around in everyday life. And, as I said, the feelings of the air on your face or the feelings of feet on the ground or the smell of the air, so you keep a little bit of your attention and just awareness of what you can sense or feel around you. And this is a great way to practice mindfulness of walking. Now, once you practice this informal meditation, of course, there's no reason you can't practice this in everyday life when you're walking to the shops or whatever. You don't even necessarily need to slow down but try to keep That same sense of being in the present moment, being aware of simple footsteps and being aware of what's going on around you.

Now, I suggest this meditation, you keep your eyes just on the few footsteps on the ground in front of you. So keep your eyes down, looking at the ground in front of you, because your eyes are extremely distracted. And if you're looking around, and your eyes catch interesting sights, your attention is going to be pulled there and you'll get distracted off the meditation object. So keep your mind focused on your feet, your eyes downcast sauce, not looking around your senses open and try that meditation. The other meditation is about problem solving. And it's about trying to look at your environment, stooping in the present moment, from different angles, and I'll explain more about that.

The actual audio of meditation so you can try it out as well if you have the time. So that's a little bit about walking meditation. Really good for people who find it hard to sit still or need a little bit of exercise and in general for all of us is one of the meditations we do each week or, or whatever. Alright, hope you enjoy walking meditation.

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