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Hi, and welcome back to this last discussion or lesson, in this particular module for beginners, to tell you a little bit about the basics of meditation. I've discussed a little bit how the mind works and what meditation is, as well as taking you through some of the basics of meditation meditation in the breath, meditation in the body, military walking meditation. I've also given you a number of guided meditations that you can use in your own meditation practice. So I hope it really gives you a great start into seeing the benefits of meditation. Now, of course, there are some things that you can do to keep you motivated in You know, keeping up a meditation practice and going deeper. The first is to join a group in your local community.

Now super mind, we are looking at training leaders in meditation. And in fact, if you're interested in becoming a leader, then I suggest you look at what we have to offer. Because this whole course concludes with a leaders module that allows you to set up your own practice in your community. So but if you're interested in just doing the meditation for yourself, go and find either one of our classes or if we don't have a class in your neighborhood, there may be other classes that you can join. And this really keeps you inspired by having friends and colleagues that meditate together. The other thing of course, is if you want to go deeper into meditation, then in Module Two, we really tried to The technique of meditation.

So rather than just using guided meditations, we take you much, much deeper than we have done in this module into how the mind works. And how meditation can pacify that mind we actually look at the nervous system and the mind and how our mind is dispersed over our body, we look at the actual neurology of the body. And we go into deeper into how distraction works, and how you can combat dullness and destructive thoughts to a deeper level. We concentrate mostly on the breath meditation, and there's a few extra guided meditations, but it's really for those people who want to take an even deeper understanding of what meditation is and how to take it to that next level, as well as are willing to push themselves and try to get out greater level of mindfulness. So I'm encourage you to have a look at module number two.

And even for beginners, understanding where meditation eventually leads, it's still good. Even if we're not ready to take on a deeper practice at this stage, just by meditating 10 minutes a day, if you know the end destination where you're trying to get to, and you know what you must employ, it will help you in your meditation, as well as being very interesting for beginning meditators as well. So I hope to see you in the next module. But in any case, good luck, and all the best through your meditation practice. And thanks for sticking around to the end of this course. And I hope you learned a lot

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