Where and When to Meditate

7 minutes
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Okay, so now that we've talked about how to meditate, of course, the next step is where and when to meditate and what are the best times? And how do you make your place as conducive as possible. So let's talk about place first. What we ideally want is a place in your house which you can reserve, especially for a meditation. If you've got your own room that you can reserve, then that's brilliant. But for most of us, we need to try to find maybe a corner of a house, which we can reserve just for meditating.

It's really good if you can set up a small place like a little shrine or something which you reserve just as your sacred space for meditation. Once you've got this, feel free to decorate it with statues, candles, flowers, if you're spiritual, you can Putting sacred objects there. All of this enhances the mood to get into a nice meditative state. Now, there's a psychological reason for this too, and it's called anchoring. You may have heard of this term in psychology. But what it is, is that certain things, because about patent response bring about certain states.

In other words, you probably smelled smell from your childhood that you haven't smelled in a long time. And it brings all of those memories flooding back and you feel like you've been suddenly transported into being a child. Or maybe you just have to look at a photo of a particular person, which you dislike, or like or whatever, and even just the image, blink brain puts you into that state of dislike or like, and it's like that with a lot of things. So if we meditate in the same place every day, and we tuned to it being upset, Wasn't placed for us to go. Then even by just thinking of that place, we're all walking towards it. You know, in the morning when you're going to meditate site, you'll already start to get into that state of meditation.

It's just a natural consequence of us associating certain places with certain states. So that's it about place and all the decorations that you can put around, just make it as conducive as possible. The next we talk about time, now everyone is different. And some people prefer morning time, others daytime, others nighttime, but in my experience, the vast majority of people find it best to meditate in the morning, and for a few reasons. The first is that when we wake up, of course, we are much fresher, our mind is fresh, and so we are less prone to falling asleep and lethargy, and we can have a much fresher and better meditation from Morning. The second reason is because in mornings we often adhere to a much tighter regime.

So get up, have a shower, brush your teeth, eat breakfast, toys, or whatever it is. And if we can slow a period of meditation into that regime, it's much more likely that we'll do it every single day. You never forget to brush your teeth, your your teeth, because it's a set activity that we do in a routine every morning. And we need meditation to become like that. So now we're about in the routine, do you set it? Well, I suggest basically as early as possible, with the proviso that you're awake enough to meditate so you can get straight out of bed and sit on your meditation cushion and start meditating, then that's great.

A lot of us need to get out, maybe have a shower, wake up a bit, and then go and meditate. For me, I found that if I got out went to the toilet and then made myself a cup of tea. That was enough to wake me up. And I can meditate in that way every morning when I want a cup of tea and have a cup of tea. And I sort of drink the rest as I'm studying the meditation. So that is the when, again, the How long is basically as up to you.

But what I suggest is on the easier side, rather than the more difficult side, so you might be all enthusiastic and want to do an hour guy. What I suggest is cut it back, even 10 minutes a day is right, if you can do it each and every day. And it is far better to do a small meditation every day than a low meditation only once a week. Because chances are if you can make it into a really strict and regular part of your team, you keep it up for the long term. Whereas if tend to only do an ad hoc, you'll start to find that the gaps between meditations get longer and longer, longer as time goes on. And soon you're not meditating, you know.

So be conservative, maybe choose 10 or 15 minutes to start. And if you really enjoying your meditations, then you can extend the meditations. Now, I suggest that if you choose 15 minutes, make sure you do totally 15 minutes, don't say are done. 13 minutes, that's enough, I'll just get out here. And then likewise, it's actually good that even if your meditation is going well at the 15 minute mark, I suggest you get up then and leave just to create more discipline in your mind. So that you do your mind does what you've decided to do.

So if you're going to meditate for 15 minutes, make it 15 minutes and not a minute, shorter or a minute longer. Other tips that you can make in in meditating to help meditation diet can help sorry, like food salads, and that can make you a little lighter. And this does has it has an effect on the mind. Whereas heavy foods like meat or fats or things like that can make us a little bit more dull and even a little bit distracted. So that's a whole lot of tips. My final one would simply just in the meditation, to never forget to smile, because if you smile to yourself, it brings an extra layer of lightness to the body, in that it helps you enjoy the meditation and when you're enjoying the meditation, you're quiet, much easier to concentrate on the meditation object.

So remember to smile, bring your mind to the present moment, decide on the meditation that you're going to do that morning, and then practice it up until the end, which the tie which is said you're going to get up and leave and leave it Okay

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