How To Update The Timeline

4 minutes
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Welcome back to Section six. Dang, that last one was a doozy. Are you even alive after that, but I know you're an expert at writing timelines now. So in this section, we're going to keep it simple, no handouts, just a quick little tutorial on how to follow up with your client and encourage them to make those updates on those red outstanding items in that timeline you just wrote. So one week check in. If you send them the timeline and haven't heard anything back at all in a week.

Just send a friendly reminder to make sure they got it. They may have forgotten. I know it sounds crazy because you just poured your blood sweat and tears into that timeline. And you feel like they've ghosted you But remember, while this is your job, they also have their own jobs and they're planning a wedding on the side so people get busy. Sometimes they forget. So After that, I want to be specific in timelines and deadlines for updating this timeline.

So like I said, Be specific with deadlines and tasks, I like to check in with them again at two months before the weddings. And this is probably about a month since you've written the timeline, and see where they're at. And then I like to check in again the week before I want to start confirming vendors. So I'll tell them, hey, I want you know, just let you know, I would like all of your updates by x date, um, you want to give them a time that, you know, not too close, yet not too far off. If it's too close, they're going to feel overwhelmed like, Oh my god, I have to finish this by tonight. Or if you give it like, you know, like two or three weeks away, they might, you know, procrastinate and then not get it done.

So, like I said, they have full time jobs too, and they often forget so you really want to make sure that you are setting them up for success. So Like I already said, I follow up at two months and then again one week before confirming vendors. Also, like I said, Do not give deadlines that are too close nor too far out. And then as a reminder, we're setting them up for success. They have full time jobs, and they may forget. And then the other thing I like to do is give a buffer.

If I want to start confirming vendors on Tuesday, all tell them that their homework is due by Sunday night. That way they have an extra day just in case they don't finish their homework, yet it doesn't set me back if I want to start confirming vendors on Tuesday. And then lastly, a pro tip is to set reminders. The easiest way to manage these clients and follow ups is to set yourself reminders. So I used the software Asana for a long time, but I now use IO planner. She said I'm gonna set all of my reminders.

So two months out from their wedding. I will Last day, you know, check in with Sally, you know, for tiling updates, and then you know, a week before or we'll set another reminder to check in with her. You know, honestly, a lot of planning is babysitting. So you're going to ask your client or vendors to send you things or complete information and they're going to forget. But it is your job to set yourself reminders to continuously follow up in a friendly manner until you get what you need. So if you don't set the reminders and just rely on your clients to remember, you will likely end up with some gaps on the wedding day.

And it's your job to remember to stay on top of them. That's what they're paying you for. So set reminders and don't check things off the list until they are 100% complete. You got to just stay on top of them friendly reminders, and you will eventually get all the information you need for that timeline.

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