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Alright, so this is the post wedding client feedback survey that is optional, but will really give you a really good idea of how you can improve your services and where your strengths are. So this is a short few questions I send our clients after the wedding, it's, you know, pretty minimal. And you can certainly add or edit these questions as you like. So here's what I asked. I'll say, what was your favorite part about working with simply sweet weddings? First one right here.

This gives me a really good idea of what our strengths are. And it's, you know, things that we can really highlight when I'm selling to future clients. And then what areas do you think that simply sweet weddings could improve for future weddings? And this is a really good one because I've definitely gotten a few things where I've been able to improve nothing major, fortunately, but two examples are the first is the bride wrote back saying that She didn't, she felt like that the guests didn't know where the valet stickers were to validate their valet parking. And at this particular venue, we always put them in a glass on the bar. And maybe she didn't have a lot of drinkers and people just didn't know.

So that kind of clued me into for future weddings at that venue, I would always I would have an assistant standing near where the guests were leaving and make sure that they got that parking sticker if they needed it, or maybe have the DJ make an announcement at some point during dinner, that the stickers were at the bar. So I thought that really helped us improve our service at that particular venue that used validation stickers for the valet parking. And then the other one was, so I usually will have that personal system with the bride and she got back she wrote back to me saying she loved everything, but she didn't like the girl that was paired with her, which so bombed. To hear that because I would never want anyone to have that experience, but it made me realize that that that particular assistant isn't necessarily the best, the best personality for interfacing with the brides.

So I kept that in mind and realized what she was saying completely validated her and realize she was right. And I never put that assistant with you know, brides or you know, interfacing a lot with the people. I really kept her more in the setup, and actually didn't keep her on the team for too much longer. So that was really good to learn. And then I asked, Would you refer simply to weddings to friends or family Why or why not? And then anything else you'd like us to know?

And then lastly, I will ask them if they had a positive experience, we'd love for them to leave a review. And then I will include links to our wedding wire and our Yelp page. So if you advertise with a knot or have an account on the knot, or have somewhere else that you Do you want them to leave a review? Definitely include that because in an online world these days everyone is checking reviews so the more you know great five star reviews you can get the better. It will be for your selling and building value.

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