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Lesson three contracts. Does anyone else get that feeling when we have to talk about contracts? Man, I honestly don't have much to say in regards to how you should write your contracts. I'm not an attorney. So I really shouldn't be giving you any sort of legal advice anyways. But what I can say is you really do need to invest in a good contract for yourself.

You really want a professional well written contract by a contract lawyer. It's just not worth it. I mean, I honestly, I cringe when I think of the flimsy contract that I used to use, and I was fortunate that nothing ever happened. But ever since upgrading myself to a professionally written contract, I feel so much more comfortable that I'm protected, just in case so I invested the price, one time up front and I was able to customize it for the services each time before I send it out. So I got mine from a company called Laufer creative But they are unfortunately no longer in business. However, the trusted source for many colleagues and many of my friends, is a net to pay union.

So she has contract templates written specifically for wedding planners, and she'll actually walk you through how to customize the contract for your needs. And better yet, she's actually agreed to give all of you 10% off of a contract template, which is awesome. So to get the discount, there's actually not a code, but you have to click through the link that she gave me so she knows that you were someone that took this course. So I've linked it in the description of this section. Check it out, and just do yourself a favor and invest in that one time up front to get yourself a solid contract.

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