Cocktail Hour and Grand Entrance

7 minutes
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All right, we are moving right along. So as you can see, this timeline questionnaire just makes it so easy to just plug everything in and use it as a solid little roadmap for writing our timeline. So now we are going to do just cocktail hour and grant entrance. So refer back to your client questionnaire. You can see right where we left off. And now it says reception says Would you like a sneak peek into the ballroom?

Yes. So first up, we're going to put in the time for cocktail hours we have 5:30pm to 6:30pm. Oops, five Here we go. So cocktail hour, and the location so I'll say like why Wilson courier and I Totally just made that up. Okay. Oh, side note, I always include the sunset time for all the weddings.

Now, this just helps, you know, like, maybe there's gonna be some killer sunset shots or just to keep in mind for timing of when the sun's going down, we, you know when we need to have photos done by all that kind of good stuff. So I realized I picked an arbitrary date for this wedding after I kind of wrote the timing. So November 16th, this is actually after the time change. So the sunset Oh shut up is 4:49pm that game. So in Okay, we're just going to pretend like or not pretend. Let's say this wedding has an indoor ceremony and, you know to offset the fact that the sun sets at 449.

So that's something we will need to do. Take into account for photos, which is actually works out perfect because we would want all ceremony photos to be complete at 30 minutes before the invitation time anyways 30 to 45 minutes. So that actually works out but I didn't really take into consideration when creating this fake little wedding but I digress. So back to cocktail hour that is from 530 to 6:30pm. So at 6:30pm ballroom door is open, and we'll say Grand Ballroom. Now back to our timeline questionnaire.

Would you like a sneak peek into the ballroom? Yes. So doors are opening at 630 I want them in there at 615 615 bride and groom Sneak Peek ballroom All right, and then grand entrance. Now depending on how many guests you have the location distance between the cocktail hour and the actual ballroom like, are they on attached for you? Or do they have to walk a good distance. So all of those factors will determine how much time you want to allot for guests to actually come in the doors, sit down and do your grand entrance.

So for anything less than 150 guess that's, you know, an attached boy, I'm going to give 15 minutes when you start to get over, you know, the larger guest counts when 75 200 you may want to give about 20 minutes. And if it's something if you don't, if you just don't know, you can always ask your venue contact or your catering manager at the hotel, you can say, Hey, I know we're doing the you know the pool. Or the cocktail hour, the pool deck and then the reception and the Grand Ballroom. Like in your experience? How long does it take to get all the guests inside? They are going to be more than happy to answer that question for you.

And you're not going to look dumb, especially if this is your first time working at that venue or your first time using that setup. Like, that's not a dumb question. So by all means, ask that. And these venue contacts and catering managers, they are experts at that venue. So if you've any questions about how long will this take, or in your experience at your venue, where do people usually? I don't know sometimes at rehearsals, I'd ask, Hey, where do the bride and groom usually walk out from if it's a venue I've never worked out before?

Those are not dumb questions to ask. So, back to this. I'm in a lot 15 minutes for the grand entrance. Oh 645 and she wants to include the bridal party. So we're going to go back to that ceremony standing order. And we're going to list the same order as we did for the processional as the walking in having the people standing for this walk in first to the maid of honor and best man last.

So we have Adriana and Taylor and Jason, Rachel and Trevor, AC and Matt, and then Kelly and Robbie. And then back to that timeline questionnaire, says Do you want to include your parents in the grand entrance or have them introduced from their seats so I circled introduced from their seats. So introduce parents from Paris seats. Told you parent to the groom first, which was Ellen Mike Jones, groom, and then we had Susan and Craig Smith. Parents have right. Okay, and then we have, how would you like to be announced?

And then we have Mr. And Mrs. JOHN and Sally Jones. I'm seeing this on that timeline questionnaire. So, Mr. And Mrs. JOHN and Sally Jones. Okay. And then also for song selections. Let's see if she listed any on the questionnaire.

No, she didn't. So actually going to bridal party And then we have song. It shouldn't be default read and my template but I guess I need to update that. Okay, so now we have cocktail hour just to recap five three to 613 bride and groom sneak peek at 615 ballroom Doors open at 636 45 grand entrance and then this is the full list of our grand entrance. So we are all set there

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