Timeframe of Services

4 minutes
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Okay, now section three, the timeframe of your services. So you put together your packages, you determine your pricing, you have a great contract, and you have now booked your first client. So you're probably wondering when should you start and, you know, fulfill all these services. So in this section, we're going to go over how you should structure all the timing. And then we're going to go through each section in deep throughout the rest of this course and how to perform each item. So in this section, you have four handouts, you have a download of the timeframe, you have a client feedback survey, post wedding feedback survey and a liability insurance free bonus.

So we're going to walk through each of these handouts, so print them out to take notes on before you continue the rest of this lesson. So burrell's always Okay, I trust that you printed them out now. So first up the timeframe. So at three months out, I'm scheduling the timeline meeting. So many vendors or wedding planners will do this, like one month out or a few weeks out. I personally feel like that's, it's too tight of a timeframe for me, I, I find that my clients really relax a lot and ease a lot of their tension once we've completed this timeline.

So why not do this three months out, versus one month out? I feel like it has not escalated the amount that they've been like trying to, you know, contact me and bother me. So I think some people maybe feel like Oh, you're totally day up so you don't get access to me until one month out. But I don't feel like it's made the clients abuse and contact me more, if that makes sense. So, three months out, I feel like I feel less stressed. I don't like to wait to the last minute Personally, I like to do things as early as I can.

So I found it to be a really good timeframe because at the timeline meeting, you're gonna ask questions and they might not have thought about these things, I guarantee you, there's a lot of things they haven't thought about. And if you're three months out, there's still time for them to handle these details. versus one month out. It's like, you're kind of like rushing like, Oh, well, we ran out of time, we can't do that. So three months out, I find is a really good time to schedule that timeline meaning for two months out, I will follow up with my client for updates, and then collect all the vendor insurances if necessary. So I did the timeline, we need about three months out, and then two months out, I'm just gonna check in with them.

Try to get any updates I can. And six weeks out, so two weeks later, I will do another follow up and say, you know, hey, I'm gonna be getting ready to contact all your vendors pretty soon. So if you can give me the last of those details that are outstanding, that would be great. And one month, out, will begin to confirm vendors. I used to do this two weeks out that I bumped into three weeks out that I bumped it to one month out. This just gives me a lot of time to send out an initial contact.

If they haven't gotten back to me, I will follow up at three weeks, then it will follow up at two weeks. And then they'll pick up the phone and try to track them down. So this has become a lot leisurely a more of a pace for me. And I found that when I was doing a ton of weddings, and was constantly working on different projects, it just gave me more of a breathing room to do a little bit further out. And recap, we have our final wrap up, which will obviously go over throughout later in this course. And we have the rehearsal.

And then we have the wedding day where you make your wedding magic happen. So we still have two handouts that I want to go through. So sit tight. We'll get through those in the next lesson.

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