Intro To Timelines

1 minutes
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Oh my goodness, section five writing the timeline. This, this one's gonna be a doozy. It's long, but it's I've broken it down into really small manageable chunks. So I know it's not going to feel too overwhelming. And we're going to get through at detail by detail. So really quick, I just want to give you an overview and how you can best work through this section.

So you have a download for how to write a timeline guide. So download that first. First of all, I'd like you to read through that handout just to familiarize yourself with the process. Then, after you read through it, I want you to watch me put together the timeline with the mock handouts next to you. So in this in the next lesson, you're going to see the mock handouts and we're going to go over those together. But I don't want you to try and keep up and you know, pause the video every two seconds.

To see what's going on, just watch the whole timeline writing process through. And after that, you can watch it a second time through with the how to write a timeline guide next to you, and you can start to make sense of it all. So step one, print out that handout of how to write a timeline, read through one's watch the videos of how to put together a timeline. Don't take notes or anything, just watch it and then third time through or third time, watch the second time through and keep the guy next to you and start to piece it together. So let's move into the next lesson. And we'll go over all of these mock handouts.

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