Intro To Confirming Vendors

2 minutes
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All right, we're basically on the homestretch now. In this section we are going to learn how to confirm vendors for the wedding. So briefly, I just want to talk about the importance the importance of confirming vendors properly. Obviously, every section is important, but this one, especially the quality and attention to detail of your vendor confirmations will really help avoid many obstacles. And, you know, tying up all the loose ends and, you know, untidy logistics on the wedding day will really set you up for a smoother day. A lot of these details that I've included in here are many things that I've just learned from personal experience.

And none of these, you know, necessarily caused major tragedies on the day of a wedding, but there's definitely been little fires I've had to put out that I have now been able to avoid by addressing ahead of time so Before we move forward, there is a handout that includes all the details I want for each vendor. So I really want you to print that out before you move forward with this, I want you to have it handy. So you can take notes because each vendor is a little bit different and they require different details you know, some I might want to know vendor meals for some I want want to know you know, delivery times, that sort of thing, but generally speaking, each vendor confirmation has a similar format of two parts. So, before we go through each vendor, I want to just tell you what these two parts are.

So, the first section is called the FYI section and the other section is called the question section. So first is the FYI section meaning for your information. So in this section, I will just give relevant information I want to pass along like FYI Here's my number for the wedding day. FYI, you can arrive at this time, FYI, here's the timeline. So that's all things that I'm telling them. Then I separate it into the question section.

And that's where I'm going to ask questions of information that I need from them. So what's the best number to reach you on the wedding day? How many vendor meals do you need? What time will you be arriving for setup, things like that. So I found if I can, in the first section, give them information. And then in the second section, ask them questions.

They generally answer all my questions because I've separated them and bulleted them out very easy for them to seeing. So let's dive in now and walk through each vendor and what information we need. So seriously, before you watch this next section, you need to print out that handout so you can have it handy to take notes.

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