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Hi there, and welcome to the wedding management mastery course, I am so excited that you are here because we are going to learn so much together everything from how to write your packages, how to price yourself, contracts boundaries, how to schedule a timeline meeting, how to perform a timeline meeting, confirming vendors that we get the wedding, the rehearsal, all that good stuff. So before we move forward, though, we should address the myth of day of coordination. There's really no such thing as coordinating just a day of the wedding. So there actually has been a movement in the industry lately from planners wanting everyone to call it something different, whether it be like wedding management or coordination clients or something like that. So we'll be using that term wedding management or day of coordination interchangeably throughout this course, and call it what you want, but it's really important that you clarify what your services are.

With your client from the get go. So who am I? My name is Holly Stein and I have owned simply two weddings and events since 2007. And I am based in Orange County, California. I have planned hundreds of weddings since starting the business. And I have trained so many girls on my team from literally zero wedding planning experience all the way to starting their own businesses wedding planning or working for major venues or Orange County caterers all throughout the area, which is really cool.

It's been really fun to see these girls start, you know, coming in as little baby birds and you know, leaving the nest. So I really enjoyed that. And that is one of the reasons that I did decide to create this course because I loved that education piece of it. Oh, another reason that I started this course is back in the day when I started this business literally in the bedroom of my parents house after moving home from graduating college. It I didn't have one to $2,000 or more to buy one of those courses. You know, that was a good whole enchilada from start to finish.

And, frankly, I probably would have been overwhelmed if I took out you know, a seminar or workshop or an online course that gave me everything I need to know. Because as a new planner, really what I was getting booked for was day of coordination. I wasn't really trusted yet to plan everything from start to finish. And even after I had years of experience from working and interning from other planners and even managing a venue in South Orange County, it's just it's so different. When you become the captain of your own ship. There's so many little details that you just don't even realize they're behind the scenes when you're assisting somebody else.

And you know, as you start to take on the full and partial planning clients, you really need that strong foundation and day of coordination is that foundation And I'm just I'm so excited that you're here because I'm so confident that after completing this course, that you are going to be able to take a client from start to finish and complete a day of coordination package. Now, some of the pros and cons of day of coordination, the cons is you have way less control and that is one reason that I think a lot of planners just don't even offer this service and don't want the headache that comes with it. Now, I personally like to start our services about three months out, whereas a lot of other planners will start their day of coordination one month out, and you'll see later in this course, you know exactly why I like to start that out.

And as for the pros, there's actually quite a few, it's less work. Um, to be honest, you know, you're providing such a condensed amount of services, and I really like to sprinkle in the day, intermixed with my partial and full planning clients. It kind of gives me that variety. It's easy to set boundaries with the client because the services are, you know, very specific. And it's very predictable. I know that a day a client will take me about 20 hours every single time because I know exactly what I'm going to be providing.

And then with that being said, knowing that 20 hour rate it's really easy to calculate calculate my hourly rate and determine what I want my pricing to be. Now, I think we're ready to dive in. Are you ready? Okay, so next up, we are going to be talking about packages, pricing contracts and setting boundaries. So grab a pen and let's dive in

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