The Rehearsal

3 minutes
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Okay, so first up, we're going to start nice and slow, we're going to add just the rehearsal. But before we do that, we need to start our timeline on l planner. So as you can see right here, it just says start the timeline. If I click Start the timeline, it would just give us a blank. Now I liked I have a template that I've created for myself that I really like, based on my needs. So I'm going to import that timeline.

And you know, if you would like a copy or access to be able to see my timeline template on i o plan or comment below, because, um, I don't think that I can, like, share it with you. But I think what I can do is be able to create a like fake event or something that you guys can be able to at least see it or I know there's some way that I should be able to at least get you that information. So all right, back to the timeline. So templates I have scheduled three days. So my day one is going to be the Monday before the wedding. So grab your timeline questionnaire that we filled out, you can see that our November 16 is our wedding date.

And just as a fun fact that is actually my real wedding anniversary. This is actually the first Saturday that our anniversary has rolled back around to the Saturday since we got married on Saturday. So it'll be six years at the end of this year in 2019. So the Monday the first day will be the Monday before the second day will be the day of the rehearsal. And then the third day will be the actual wedding day. So I'm going to import so on this Monday, November 11 bride to ensure that seating assignments and photo list are completed denial planner.

So that's just a default thing that I include if I need to add any notes or if I want to delete that that's totally fine. So Now let's move to the rehearsal. So I have Friday, November 15. I have Holly to meet with bride and groom to collect personal items and decor that's a default rehearsal begins that's a default, rehearsal dinner begins. That's a default and then holidays and room numbers tactical vendors. So here all we have to do is just fill in the times.

So as you can see, our rehearsal time is 5pm. So that means I'm going to want to meet with the bride at 4:30pm. Looks like her rehearsal dinner is set for 6:30pm and hertz center that Dante winery and then I actually made a fake hotel. Wilson Creek winery does not have guest rooms on site but for the sake of this example of a wedding, it does so Put at you know, 7pm Holly to send room numbers to applicable vendors. So that's it for the rehearsal. We just want to include what time we're meeting with them, what time the rehearsal is, what time that dinner is, and then what time we're gonna be sending room numbers to vendors.

So they see that on the timeline. And then next up, we will be talking about the ceremony.

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