Set Up Sheet + Ceremony Seating

7 minutes
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Last but not least, we have our setup decor sheet in our ceremony standing sash photo list. I have to be honest, whenever I get to these at the very end, I just feel like oh, I just I want to be done. But these things only take a few minutes, so don't worry. So i and i o planner, I will have these to set up as templates so I can just import them and work through it even more quickly. So I have my theft, of course you will go through that first. So if you grab your client questionnaire and go to the very second to last page, that's where it shows our decor and setup sheet.

So I'm just going to keep anything that she's bolded on here and then I'm going to delete the rest. So marriage license, that was Bolden. So, keep that card holder cardholder. Delete We are not doing the reserve row science or reserved seating cards so I will delete those guestbook and pens the yes programs was a gnome. And then we have a flower girl basket. The one the ring bearer pillow, one new candle, we're not doing like that.

Then for the reception we have coating glasses and cake knife. No cake forks. But we do get the cake copper. And if you lost me, I'm referring to that client questionnaire sheet that you downloaded. And I'm on the last page now. So this is different from the timeline questionnaire.

This is the client questionnaire that the client filled out. No Okay Jeff, okay escort cards. Those are Yes. I'm just going to delete the instructions because we don't need that anymore. There's no seating assignment frame or place cards or no kids activity packs. So I will delete those menus as the yes favors.

She put macaroons at each place setting rooms at each place setting table numbers. And then we have no bar menu, no specialty drink sign cocktail signs or sparklers so I will just delete all of those. And for miscellaneous, we have any outstanding vendor payments and opportunities, I will always just leave that in there just in case and then an invitation or other paper goods or photographs, I will complete that just so I'll leave that there so they know to bring that and then I have ss w to provide that's simply sweet weddings. So if there's anything else that I need to bring that would be out of the norm, I would list that here to make sure that I remember to Bring that, and then I have double check seats per table, that's just something that we always do. So I will include that as our task list and then include any other obscure tasks that we may have to do.

So that's the setup sheet. All done. If there's anything that was outstanding, I would have highlighted that in red, but we're all good there. So I will just save and close that. So we're done there. Now we have the ceremony, standing and the photo list.

So in our example, our bride did not fill anything in which that's not uncommon. So that's why I left that. So here's what we're going to do. We're going to fill that in for her and she can certainly update it. So I have you as you can see, I put please update ceremonies eating as necessary. So this left side is Jenner is the bright side.

The right side is the groom side. So we're just going to fill it in from there. So we'll start with the bright side. So Gregg father fried Yeah, Susan. Brother bride and Kelly is in the wedding. Honor is not and then we also have Geraldine gramma, Bob, Grampa and Becca can't and then she will update these as she would like.

So then we decide we have Mike, father of the groom. Phil mother of the groom. Ross Do we have robbing and then We also have Matt too. Did Matt make it into the wedding? He didn't make it into the wedding. Okay, so then we have Everly gramma Walter Grampa, and then I want to give space for Melissa.

Um, she that's Matt's wife, one of the bright hit one of the brothers, washrooms, his wife, and then we will have a flower girl in the ring there. So we want to say those spots for them. And then for here, I will include the order of the ceremony standing it makes it really easy for me to use this quick sheet for the rehearsal. So I can just pull up the ceremony standing order and the ceremony seating which is really helpful. So we're just going to pretend like this is like a little diagram. So we're going to put Sally and john and we have Kelly in Robbie, Stacy and Matt, Rachel Trevor and Jason and Adriana and Taylor.

I kind of just like spacey that a little bit so you can see it's kind of like a little makeshift little ceremony guide. Okay, and then we have, please list any specific must for photography. So that's something that the bride and groom will fill out of any must shoot moments that could be really obscure like, oh the inside of my dresses embroidered with my wedding date or something like that, or my cousin from Iceland is flying into town. I need a picture with her. So anything that's, you know, a must shoot moment. That's what we'll we will listen to that.

So that's it for our ceremony, seating and standing sheet. And we are all done. Oh, that didn't save that. That must be a new update and I'll planner. But regardless, you can see this basic if you do this in Google Docs, you will be able to keep that spacing of, you know, the little ceremony standing kind of more to be, but that is that we just did our setup and decor sheet along with our ceremony standing and photo list. And now I'm going to show you how to send all of these prepared documents to your clients.

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