Monday Before The Wedding

5 minutes
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Oh my gosh, you guys, we've almost made it. It's the week of the wedding now and your timeline is complete. Maybe there's like one vendor that is blogging and sending you a final detail or maybe like one song selection missing, but for the most part, you are ready for the big day. So here are the last few details that are going to set you up for a seamless wedding day. So Monday or Monday before the wedding, I tell the clients that I want their final seating assignments. As you already saw, this is listed on their timeline as an assignment for them.

So in your Sydney assignment, you need one sorted alphabetically and sorted by table you need them both. They're equally important. The alphabetical list will help you find You know, the table of somebody who maybe doesn't know where they're sitting on goalball comes up to you and says, I don't know where I'm sitting. And you can say, What's your name, and then you can easily look up where he's sitting, let him know. For table version, you want to have this document so you can see quickly how many people are seated at a certain table. So you can check like, Oh, so an extra person came, and you want to know what tables Do you have extra spots at like, oh, that table only has eight seats, we can add another person, or that table already has 10 we don't have space there.

And then sometimes an extra guest will show up in the bride will say, who's sitting at table two. Maybe I'll put them there and then you can you know, clip to table two and read off all those names. So an alphabetical version and a by table version are equally important. So if you are using IO planner and your guests completed Their seating assignments on aisle planner, this is a breeze. All you need to do is just simply download it and i o planner will give you a PDF with both versions. Hooray.

If you are not using IO planner, I tell my clients to do this on a Google Doc I like a spreadsheet or an Excel spreadsheet. And I tell them to do one list alphabetically on one tab, and then another list on the other tab that's sorted by table. I found that it saved me a lot of work by asking them to complete that a lot of times they will. And if they don't, I don't worry about it. I just read through it myself. But I've noticed that when I do ask them they actually complete it a lot more than I thought.

So another tip is I like to resize the fonts and margins so it'll fit to one page for each. So you'll your alphabetical will fit onto one page and then your by table tab will also fit onto one page, which is great. I O planner does not allow you to resize that it prints on multiple pages and there's you know, nothing we can do about that. But the convenience is worth it because all you have to do is just click download. So now that you've received the final seeding Simon's the next task is you need to send these seating assignments and number of guests per table to your venue and caterer and then the rental company if applicable. So you need to send the number of guests per table to the venue and then the company providing the chairs.

So the venue needs to know how many people are sitting in each table and then if you are renting strawberries or another rental chair, you want the runs company to have that information so they know how many people are sitting at each table when they arrive For setup on the day, so sending this information to them ahead of time will just kind of solve a little bit of a headache that you won't have to deal with on the wedding day. And then also, if you have separate meal selections, be sure that is included to send to your caterer or venue, a lot of times the catering is at the venue, but whoever is providing the catering, they need to have that meal breakdown. So they know how many meal choices are at each table, as well as any allergies. So you know, table two has, you know, gluten free or you have a vegan or any special meal requirements, you can let them know ahead of time and the more information they have ahead of time, the better.

So that's just what we're doing for Monday. Pretty simple. And now we're going to move on to Wednesday.

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