Timeline Handouts

2 minutes
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All right now when you sit down to write your timeline, you want to make sure you have all the necessary documents. Once you kind of get in the groove, you don't want to break your flow. So you want to make sure you have everything you need. So you'll have three downloads in this lesson, you need to print them out before you watch the rest of this section. Seriously, you have to print these out. So first up, we have the client questionnaire.

This is that questionnaire we sent to our clients before the timeline meeting. And here's one that I just kind of made up. So you know, I made up you know, some parents name siblings, you know, photos, I, you know, only filled in a few songs. I have the ceremony order for the bridal party, and then what she's being set what is being set up. So that's the first document that we're going to be using. Then we have our mock Vendor site.

So these are actually the vendors that I used for my wedding. You know, I kind of inserted a fake phone numbers just for the sake of giving you an idea of what a vendor section would look like from your client, we'll be using that. And like, just as a reminder, I still like to use my vendor section on google docs for my day of clients. And then here is a mock timeline questionnaire that I filled out. And I scan Like I said, I like to hand write my timeline questionnaires personal preference, so I hand wrote it, and then I scanned it in. So this would be that document that I fill out at the timeline meeting.

And we are going to use this as our roadmap to write our actual wedding so be sure to print that out. And then just lastly in in real time, What I like to do when I write my timelines, I like to do this on dual monitors. I like to have, you know, the client questionnaire on one screen and then my aisle planner timeline on the other screen. So what I've done for the sake of this, I only have one monitor. So I'm going to be writing everything on aisle planner and I printed out the client questionnaire. And then like I said, I like to handwrite my timeline questionnaire, so I have that next to me.

Anyways, so I like because I can highlight things after I've, you know, gotten them checked off. So, that being said, print out all of these handouts and keep them handy and just buckle up and follow along.

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