Post Ceremony Photography

2 minutes
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All right Next up, we have our post ceremony photography. This section is super easy, especially when you have your mock client questionnaire pulled up on a different tab or your other monitor. So, for timing, we're going to put 530 because our ceremony runs from five to 530. And then we have brides extended family photos and groom's extended family photos. Now for each group, I have pleased to point person, this person I need someone to that is related to everyone who knows who everyone is. So if you look at like our client questionnaire, under on the first page, we have bride's extended family photos and groom's extended family photos and you'll see shows like the Travis family, who that is the job his family, I have no idea.

So I want somebody maybe you know, like aunt Rebecca, who can help me find all these people. So I'm just gonna go to our mock client questionnaire and see Copy and Paste. So, brides extended family photos, just copy that. URL paste it there. We have groom's extended family photos. Copy that.

Paste that right there. Easy, easy peasy. So that's it for our post ceremony photography. Actually, I take that back, we will say additional photos of bride, groom and bridal party as necessary. So maybe they got all the photos on before maybe they want a few more with a bridal party. Maybe the bridal party is done, but after the bride and groom Now we haven't made maybe we have like a killer sunset or something.

And we want to do more with the bride and groom like you just keep that line in there just as a Hey, like you guys might be doing more photos you may not that's something that we is a gametime decision after we see what we've got before the ceremony actually began. So that's it for post ceremony photography. Now we're moving on to cocktail hour and grand entrance.

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