Wednesday Before The Wedding

7 minutes
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So Wednesday before the wedding, I actually really love this day. I think it's probably my favorite part of the pre planning. Because this is when we send out the final timeline and details to all the vendors. So at this point, the wedding feels all wrapped up in a bow and all I have to do is now kind of just let it unfold. But you need to remember to be flexible. Sometimes the timeline will go out on Thursday or sometimes you have to re send out a final timeline or you know, update or final diagram update.

Just remember be flexible. You are a calm, confident leader. So, you're about to send out your final details to all the vendors, what should you include. Okay, so a lot of it is already information you've sent to the vendors but You have to remember that most vendors don't really have their mind super focused on this wedding until the week of. So they may not have read your previous email very closely with the details. So we are going to want to send them your cell phone number or whoever is going to be the lead that day, the final timeline, the final diagram, venue access time and what time to lend until we set loaded instructions, and then the bride and groom's room number instructions for where they will be getting ready the morning of the wedding.

So let's just look at a quick example of an email I've sent in the past. So as you can see, doesn't have to be too fancy. I'll just give it a quick green. Hi all please see attached for the final timeline and diagram for Ryan marks wedding this coming Thursday. We have a great team. It's going to be up on Thursday.

Just reminder You can reach me anytime. There's my number, I will be on site at 12pm you may load in as early as 10am tables and linens will be set by 12pm strike is at 11pm. So I didn't include the room numbers of where the bride and groom are getting ready at because this particular venue has like two dedicated rooms. It wasn't a hotel, and I knew that all the vendors coming were people who work at this venue all the time. And we have worked together all the time and I know they already knew, however, it wouldn't have hurt to know that anyways. And then after we send the final timeline to all the vendors, we are going to reach out to our staff I missed on the last one, bride and groom number instructions and then on this bottom right here you can see any other pertinent details.

So maybe that's, you know, particular parking instructions or anything special that they need to know for, you know, the venue or the bride and groom or anything like that. So when Jay before the wedding part two, this is our final email to our staff. So we are going to send them a file timeline, final diagrams, I know seating assignments, setup notes, or hours for the day I like to send it to remind them so they don't have to, you know, double check the timeline. And then any other pertinent details. So like parking, particular assignments, that kind of stuff. So for, you know, parking, it might be like, Oh, you guys need to make sure that you valet and get your tickets.

I can validate it for you or you need to park in the upper lot. Because the lower lot is for the guests or anything like that. And then specific assignments could be like, so Haley, I thought you were at the hotel this morning getting ready. If your staff is competent, this can be via email. However, if additional complicated details arise, or you feel like your staff might need more in depth explanation, just pick up the phone and call them. You want to walk through any you know, details that they may not be aware of, for the actual day regarding to what you want them to be doing.

And so I actually do a yearly training with my staff. So they pretty much know what's going on all the time. So if you'd like to know more about what I include in that training, definitely comment below. So now I just want to show you a quick little example email, of what I send to my staff So again, short and sweet I'll read it Hi ladies. So excited to see you all this weekend please see below for final details and be sure to print all attachments hours Haley 10am to 6pm starting at Residence Inn you will be with the bride. I will call you later to further discuss getting ready first look and getting to the venue.

Allison two to 10pm Melissa three to 11pm and then attached his timeline diagrams, seating assignments, setup notes and it also Haley please find Photoshop was attached surprise in that email I connected with Haley later that day to give to give her just you know specific details about you know the bride what her personality is like, how many bridesmaids there are who the photographer is just so when she walks into the getting ready with a bride that day. She hasn't get more information and knows a little bit more about what to expect. And then lastly, we have our binder. So at this point we're going to assemble our binder. I usually don't print out much of anything until the week have to say paper. So, you know, and some people even use their iPad these days or use documents off of something like digital like a tablet, but I don't know I'm old school.

I personally stuck my binder. I like to have a hard copy of documents in front of me in case I need to make, you know, last minute changes. I like to be able to just whip out my pen and cross things out and make notes on the fly. But that's just me. So in our binder, we're going to ensure that we have our final timeline and setup notes. I know diagrams.

I know seating assignments. So even though I sent it on Monday, I won't print it until Wednesday or maybe even Thursday in case of changes. And then also be sure if you do get any changes on that Tuesday or Wednesday that you send those to the venue and rental company as well. You want to print out your final banquet event orders, and then final vendor contracts. So that's, that's pretty much everything you're going to need for the wedding day. And now after you've completed these few tasks of sending out, you know, final info to your vendors, final info to your staff and printing out your binder, you're pretty much set to go and all you have to do now is the rehearsal on the wedding day.

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