The Ceremony

10 minutes
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Now we are ready to add in the information for our ceremony. And as you read in the how to write a timeline handout, you'll you saw that I like to start with the ceremony, work my way through the rest of the day and then start working backwards in terms of photos and all that kind of stuff in the morning of. So let's start with our ceremony. You're going to want to check on your timeline questionnaire. We're on the second page now. And what time does the ceremony begin?

So the ceremony is five to 535 30? Yeah. We have that we can check that off and then you can see what is the invitation start time What time do you actually want to start so it's 5pm for both so the invitation Start Time is five o'clock. And then Let's see. We have which is would you like groomsmen to greet and see gas or have us do it so planners, so say planners to greet guests arrive. And then are you doing the traditional brides in writing groom side for ceremony seating, no mixed, then I would just say mixed seating, no bride or groom side.

Perfect. So now we're going to be moving into the processional. So we have first up grandparents of the groom grandparents at the bride. So now you're going to want to reference that client questionnaire you have and we'll pull those names off of there. That's why it's super easy for your client to fill this out for you ahead of time because now you just have all the names typed out and all good to go. So we have grandparents of the groom we had that would be Beverly and Walter now but grandparents room, I like to include the relation designation of who all these people are.

Because on the day of the rehearsal, maybe you've read this timeline a million times and you've worked really hard to learn to memorize names. Sometimes when everyone's staring at you, like things just escaped. I like I want to feel I want them to feel like I know everybody. So having those references right there allows me to be like, Okay, well, your grandparents, you know, and have that information just right in front of me. So then we have the groom then we have grandparents of the bride, which was Geraldine and Bob, but don't ask me where I made a name. grand parents, grandparents of bride.

And then we'll see you next up we have parents of groom, john who's our groom with the mom and dad to follow behind. So then we will have and I like to read a little line of space that's just my own, like OCD and personal preference. I like to have it you know the grandparents together and then we have a little bit of a space just to separate. So we have what's his mom's name? Tom's name's Jill. Prep, mother, no emoji mother of the groom, escorted by john Oh, followed by the guy's name is Mike.

And then right after Parents, they groom we have parents of the bride. So we have the bride's parents are going to walk together and the dad loops back around. That's pretty common where the mom and dad walk in together, the dad will drop them off at her seat, and then he'll walk around the outside and come back around for the bride. So her parents names I have is Susan and Greg. We have the Susan and Ray. Parents of bride Greg to round you don't have to note that if that's what bring you when you're new if you want to use that as a reminder, I I wouldn't do that now.

Just because, I mean, I know that Greg is gonna loop back around. That's really personal preference. So then Next up, we have bridal party and back on that timeline questionnaire. You See the bridal party is coming in together. So we're going to grab our client questionnaire and if you flip to that second page, you can see where it says, ceremony standing order. And we're going to be doing this in reverse order.

So number five you have Adriana and Taylor. They're going to be coming in first together, followed by Jason, Anna, Trevor and Rachel, Matt and Stacey and then Robbie and Kelly. So let's fill that out. So yeah, first up we have Adriana and so whoever's standing for this from the bride and groom comes in first, and then select Kelly and Robbie who are listed as first that would be the maid of honor investment. So we want them to be entering last. So if Adriana and Taylor, please and Jason, Rachel and Trevor Casey and I Matt, and then Kelly and Ronnie.

Perfect. Okay, then we have presentation with the bride. Our bride is Sally. And she's escorted by her father, Greg, Father, the bride. Like I said in that timeline questionnaire in that meeting, you really want to designate who that is because we don't want to ever assume it's the bride's guide because if he's passed away or maybe it's he's not in her life or like you just you never know. So always designate who that score is, what the relationship is.

So if you come down as on back onto the timeline questionnaire, will say how will groom an officiant enter. So we already saw that the groom is entering with his mom, so we don't do anything there. But the officiant will already be in place. So I want to put that at the top. So efficient to already Embrace so that means right as we're starting to ceremony he's just gonna go pick a spot up at the front nothing dramatic you know he's not walking down the aisle he's just gonna kind of pop right in when it's ready to start. And then next Do we have a flower girl and ring bear?

We do. We have flower girl. flower girl ring boobs. All girl touch ring bear. So Krista six and Max. Four.

They she says, Are they walking together or separate so we have them in as walking together. So I'll put them together. And then flipping the page on that timeline questionnaire. We have you at the flower girl and ring bear to stand up during the ceremony or sit down with the parents. So sit down, so I'll put Sit down with parents. Oh my gosh, I jumped ahead presentation of the bride who was escorting you, dad.

So if I was following the questionnaire exactly we wouldn't have been there yet but it already put Sally escorted by Greg. And then you had you want the flower girl and rain bear to be part of the processional if they are sitting down? No, that's the most common answer. But if they were, then you would have if that were the case, you would have bride and groom exit first, then the flower grown ring bear followed by the bridal party. But since they're not, let's just go ahead and fill in the rest of that reception, or reception recessional. Excuse me.

So first up, we have the bride and groom, of course, and then we're going to reference back to that same bridal party order that we have right here. But now it's going to be reversed because we're going to file out in order so right after selling in john brown groom will have the maid of honor and best man, which will be Kelly and Robbie. And then it's going to just follow along the lines just like that. So Stacy and not Vishal and Trevor, Anna and Grayson, and then you're on it and Taylor. So we got all of our ceremony processional filled in. Now the only other thing that we're still waiting on is songs.

So we would check our song selections and see if she thought any songs. So I'm going to flip to our client questionnaire. And she gave us no songs for the processional, but she did say for the presentation, the bride she did want cannon and D so I can get an NB gripe Taco Bell. And she didn't lose anything for the recessional yet. So that's okay. I'm just going to leave those and read this.

Why I really like my template because I already have these pieces already filled out and good to go. So that is the ceremony portion. Next up we're going to do cocktail hours and post ceremony photos.

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