The Vendor Section

3 minutes
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So now you're going to see exactly why I still like to use Google docs for the mock or not mock for vendor sections on my day of clients, since I'm not doing a whole lot of interacting or tracking invoices, and you know, working with the vendors a bunch, I essentially just need all the contact information. So doing it on Google Docs makes it very easy for me. So I'm going to pull up my mock vendor section. I'm literally just going to copy and then go in here banner section. You can see right here, I have no time just text so you have like, you know, time TBD then it looks like our timing but this I don't have a time for so I would just click no time. Then it just moves it over.

And then for add notes, copy, paste. Oh, all the vendor information isn't that nice. And then I'm going to go through and put I will I will then include all of the time all the little details that we need for each vendor that you will see on our vendor confirmation section for the details we need whether it be like vendor meals or whatever so I'm not going to include that right now just give example available for set up at what time you know vendor meals, you know, photographer. You know, the hours your meal is this whole piece and these little details I'm adding right here this will make a lot more sense when we do the vendor confirmations. So the only other thing that we need to add in here is new the coordinator. So coordinator I would put simply the writings contact Holly Stein I put my no phone number here no email right there and then I'll put my hours total vendor meals I put all this vendor meals and I put like you know an assistant.

Go Smith hours. I don't know those yet. Don't leave it blank and the phone number Then include all these systems that you Next I'll be the next assistant. So for the hours where I've figured them out, maybe the hours are, you know, 12pm because 7pm I put those right there. But that's the vendor section it that's why I like doing it on the Google Doc still, because I can literally just copy and paste it, which is it saves a huge time versus on when I do partial and full planning clients, I actually have to type them in because I track a lot more vendor information and I really want them in the contact section. All I owe planner.

So that is that's for another course. But for dabs it's super easy if you can just copy and paste it just like this. And then like I said in the vendor confirmation section, you're going to see those other little details of what we need from each vendor.

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