The red light

1 minutes
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If you're anywhere near a television camera, assume that it's on. If you say something that you don't want quoted, and the television camera was rolling, what do you say will be on tape? And that's not good. Most reporters won't use the information, but it's not worth the risk. And so when you deal with reporters always be professional. Take a look at this.

So you believe the long term future of the company is assured? Yes, I certainly do and we'll be around forever. Lovely. Thank you. That's fantastic. Thank you, Chitty.

Oh, I appreciate that. It's not a problem Marco. Gee, I feel like shit you know, I've been out drinking all last night and I've had about two hours sleep God I you know, a bit a bit off but this sort of thing. I think it sounded fine. Yeah, that's fine. What so what time do you get to bed?

About four o'clock? Not good. Are you big drinker? Oh, yeah, most nights of the week. But you know, some days. We'll start with Anything drinking?

Not good. Now, when you're doing an interview with a reporter, only tell them things that you're happy for them to use in the story. And be aware that sometimes as you're speaking to the reporter before your interview starts, the cameraman may have switched the camera on. You don't want that sort of conversation on type.

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