Ten second grab

2 minutes
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Let's talk about the 10. Second grab. Most television reporters are looking for a 10 second grab round that sort of time when they're conducting an interview. Now, they don't want the talent to walk along. They want to be able to use a short piece of that interview that's clear and concise and includes key information is the one here. Congratulations, you must be thrilled with the new record sales with were delighted, will continue to climb but yeah, we're happy.

The numbers are good. Everyone's working really hard. I should say that And, look, it's gonna it's gonna get even better. I'd say everyone's out there putting in all the long hours and focusing just on the on the main things. The issues and and the numbers are up 40% we actually expect Well, it is it's 40% already and and we expect it to perhaps Columbia prefer the next year. Oh, that was just tedious, rare.

Humbling and unclear, uncertain and nothing really that could be used in the story. Here's the way to do it. Congratulations, you must be thrilled with the new record sales. We are delighted with the numbers. Everyone's worked so hard putting in extra hours focusing on the issues at hand, and miserable record 40%. And we expect them to continue to climb like that next year as well.

Far better. It's short, concise, and to the point. Perfect. Here's some more good and bad examples. Minister, what's the situation with the railway? The situation with the railway is that we're going to build it maybe three years I think, no, it might actually be two.

And I guess we got to have some bands. We've got to pay for it. Somehow So yeah, I guess we've got a got to get the money. So yeah, we've got to get the money so we can build the railway and yeah, get it built within, you know, a few years anyway. What can you tell us about the railway lawn My government is committed to building the railway line. We will make the funds available and we will complete the project within two years.

Be aware that generally the shorter the grab for television news story, the better

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