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Creative Video Production 360-degree Video Video Production - Inexpensive Talking Head Video - Business Mastering the Many Areas of Talking Head Video Production for Your Business
4 minutes
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You don't need me to tell you about YouTube unless you just crawled out from under a rock. You've heard of YouTube. You've been there 1000 times. You've watched videos. But here's my question. How much is on your YouTube channel right now?

I'm constantly shocked about businesses, major businesses, you go to the YouTube channel, and it's three videos from five years ago. Now, they might be slick, nice looking videos. It might be their commercials, and nothing, maybe not a five year gap, but certainly a six month gap. I'm going to major communications first public relations firms, Investor Relations firms, and they got nothing or they got five videos up even people in my own field of media training, public speaking training, so few videos not much there. Yes, if you can do a video and it goes viral and 10 million people watch it and you become the next Justin Bieber. Great.

That's Not what I'm talking about here. What I'm talking about is using this channel as a constant form of communication. So you can be talking to clients, prospects, customers, people who just find you interesting about what it is you do and do it regularly. It can be any length of time people ask me all the time, TJ, what's the perfect length of time for a YouTube video? And my answer is, as long as it takes to give somebody something of value. In general, the shorter the better.

Okay? The average watch time for my videos is three minutes and 15 seconds on YouTube. Now on Facebook, it's more like 10 seconds. So there's a huge difference depending on what platform you're on. And I have some very successful videos where I was able to get across one point in 20 seconds, but my most successful video ever on YouTube. has an hour's worth of content an hour, and people watch on average 15 minutes of it.

So, my recommendation, don't focus on having your little stopwatch out there and getting it exactly 60 seconds or two minutes or it's got to be less than three minutes. focus on delivering good content, interesting, useful information, and do it regularly. Now I post one video seven days a week, I used to do more, believe it or not, you might do once a month. You might do once a week. It's up to you. But what I have found and what I think you'll find is, it's actually easier to do it once a week than it is once a month you'll spend more time thinking about it wondering and agonizing and getting yourself going.

And it's actually easier to do once a day than once a week. Now I typically batch them. As I mentioned, I'll do 100 at a time. Then not do any more YouTube videos for a couple of months sometimes, but for many, many years, I would just do them every day got me used to it got me in the habit got me really comfortable talking to a video camera to me, it's really no different than talking to one customer or client. But that takes practice and they get a unique talent doesn't take a skill. It's just something that you develop if you do it a bunch.

So my recommendation to you is create content on your YouTube channel and you may be a part of a big company that has really slick expensive videos. Fine. But there's nothing wrong with having simple talking head videos as well. Even big companies have tweets and blog posts that are just a couple sentences of text. They might also have really slick books, and fancy PDFs and images, just because you have one form That's fancy and produced doesn't mean you can't have a simplified version. That's really my thesis when it comes to simple talking head video.

Yeah, you can have the fancy expensive video, which is to remind you is not what this course is about. But you can also have simple talking head video, without any edits to remind you again, you can hit on and when you're done, you're ready to go after doing this

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