Your Exciting Video Newsletters Will Outshine Text Newsletters

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2 minutes
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Whether you're a one person company or multi billion dollar corporation, you probably have one or more newsletters coming out of your organization, news letters, actual letters. Most newsletters are filled with letters actual text. Well, why is that? Well, it's because traditionally, it was a lot cheaper to write than it was to make video or make quality audio. I understand traditionally why that was the case. But again, today, we're all surrounded by video cameras, every cell phone, laptop computer, so it's not necessarily easier or cheaper to send out newsletters in a text format than it is video.

Now, I've talked about a lot of different styles of video ways you can use video. At this point, we're going to morph some of them together because they'll be multiple purposes for them. And you can cross pollinate, you can You can use any one video for multiple purposes. So, your YouTube videos, your Frequently Asked Questions videos, you can put those in your newsletter. I've had a newsletter for more than 17 years, as of production date today, and for many years it was just text. And then it was a combination of video and text.

Now it's all video. Now, I do that because my business is about how to speak how to speak to the media, how to give speeches, your business probably isn't that niche. But still, what would be wrong with say one item from your newsletter each week or each month? Being a video it could be a personal message from you to clients or customers. It breaks things up and gets people away from just thinking oh, here's another ho hum newsletter with a bunch of text or a pretty graphic somebody bought off of a website somewhere. When it's used speaking, they know you put thought into it.

So I would suggest that you think about how to create a newsletter. I'll put a few samples of mine in the next lesson as well so you can look at it

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