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So now we're ready to get going. And I'm really hoping you don't just sit back and watch this course and find it interesting and leave a bunch of stars. I'm really helping you put this to work in your own business, your own organization, your own website, and all the other social media tools where you can use video these days. So here's the structure of the course i'm going to outline for you a specific way I use video in my own business. And then I will give you an example of that video. I don't expect you to watch the whole example.

You can get it probably in about 10 seconds, but I put it there, just so you can visualize it more I apologize in advance if it seems overly self promotional. This is a course on how to use video to promote yourself and to promote your business. So if I'm going to give you examples, I really have no choice other than to give you the self promotional examples. In some cases, I will put them right into the course here. So the autoplay and Udemy other cases, the quality might not be good enough to pass, you get to these high standards. And it's nice, they have high standards.

So I'll put the URL, typically a YouTube link, or Vimeo or something like that, again, my recommendation, you don't have to watch the whole thing. Just watch a snippet. What I'm trying to do is plant seeds in your own brain. So you're thinking, Oh, yeah, I should do a video on that for my organization. Yeah, I should do a video on that summarizing the contents of my new book, or whatever it is, you're producing and putting out to the world. So with that noted, let's hop right in

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