Hype Versus Reality - Why Most People Never Create Simple Video

3 minutes
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So we've got to talk about hype versus reality. If you look at the news media, you look at your news feeds you look at the people talking about Facebook, everything is about video video video. You see all these studies coming out in marketing, books and magazines about how anyone under 35 will only watch video. And you hear Facebook saying we're more video focused. Yeah, a lot of people are focused on video. There's only one problem.

Most people in the world are not comfortable speaking in front of a video camera, just doing what I'm doing right here. So what does that mean? What it means is that in most organizations, when you say video, they think of the video production house the official communications department, you hire a director for the day, an outside video production company and six months later, you have some big product marketing video. Meanwhile, about 10 billion emails, press releases, web pages and other forms of communication have taken place over the last six months. None of it on video. Here's the thing, video is very powerful.

And it doesn't have to be the 1984 Apple commercial that cuts, any awards and so much attention doesn't have to be a superbowl commercial. Just you talking about something you do that's important. Interesting, relevant to customers, clients and prospects can be so much more powerful than just cold text, in an email, or on a web page, or even an old fashioned letter. This one sends that. So that's what I want to work with you on in this course is how to communicate. Making simple video.

Here's the big problem. You can build a big studio as many companies and organizations do. You can hire videographers, you can hire And buy a lot of editing software. Most people and most companies, whether it's a one person company, or a huge, huge billion dollar corporation, most people are still too uncomfortable speaking on a camera, or not me, you know, I'm not an on camera person, I'm not a TV star. You know, I away from my hair, grow back or lose 10 pounds. Everyone has all of these excuses.

That's what's holding people back in your own organization, it may be what's holding you back. Fortunately for you, that's what's holding people back in every other organization to so what that means is if you do get used to communicating with simple talking head video, you're going to really stand out. You will be a cut above. So that's what we're going to focus on. And then the next lesson is how do you actually get comfortable on video because until you're comfortable with it until you're convinced you know how to look your best and sound your best. You will do everything possible to procrastinate making a video.

Believe me. I sound like you know who believe me. I know corporations where they've spent $200,000 on studios software cameras. Nobody's ever made the first video because everyone is afraid of looking stupid or uncomfortable. So that's what we're going to cover next how to really look your best on camera.

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