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Creative Video Production 360-degree Video Video Production - Inexpensive Talking Head Video - Business Mastering the Many Areas of Talking Head Video Production for Your Business
5 minutes
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As I mentioned at the beginning, one huge, huge benefit of getting comfortable doing simple talking head video, is you can give your proposals in that format. Now, I'm not saying you can't also have a text version or a PDF to accompany it. But when someone sees you mentioning them by name, and they live in another city or another country, it just makes them feel a lot more confidence in you when they can see you talking to them. I'll tell you how I do that in just a moment. But timeout before we even get there. None of this.

Would it be possible if it weren't for one personality trait that I have? That makes me special that makes me good at this? Are you ready for that? The trait is I'm lazy. I'm probably lazier than you are. Why is that an advantage?

It's because I've never learned how to edit video. Whoa, what's impossible, TJ, you can't possibly do a video these days without doing 10 cuts every two seconds? Well, no, you don't, some people do and they can be successful. And if you're 17 years old, you have a lot of time on your hands. Or if you're apple and you've got billions of dollars for production, go ahead, be my guest. But for most people in most organizations, even large organizations, if you're not in the communications media arm, there simply isn't that much time, energy, effort, and money.

If you shoot a whole bunch of raw footage, and then you start trying to code everything you've shot and labeling it and turning it into a TV commercial, I've seen it where six months go by a year will go by and the project becomes overwhelming. And it never happens. So again, my great strength is I'm too lazy to learn how to edit because of that. Do everything really, really quickly, easily, cheaply. So here's the value of the video proposal. A prospect calls me up, let's say a major corporation could be based in the US could be based in Malaysia.

They call up say, TJ, we're just looking for a proposal for media training. Can you send us a standard proposal? And I'll say, Sure, I'm happy to but I need to know a little more about you. So I'll ask them questions about how many executives they have. Are they giving speeches? Are they speaking to television interviews, how many days are they looking for?

What do they really want to accomplish? And then as soon as the call ends, I walk into my little studio here, which is really just a closet. I turn on a button, the lights pop on, and I just talk as if I were talking to that one prospect. And I'll say, okay, Sanjay. Thanks so much for Calling me I understand, you and your colleagues at XYZ Corp are interested in getting media training because you really want to come across. So I'll weave their name throughout, I'll personalize it.

A lot of what I say is somewhat boilerplate, but I make everything sound completely fresh, original to that, and I am making it fresh and new for them. It's not some button where an old video of me shows up. It's actually me talking to the prospect, by name, their company where they are referencing it. And I'm doing this so when that person has to get buy in from other decision makers, the CEO, the CEO can say, Well, you know, send me that's how three proposals you got. And the other two proposals are text. And my liaison can now say, Oh, well, there's this one guy TJ Walker, who really seems to cut above he went to the trouble of Creating a video for us, you should watch that first.

I know that's how I often get hired. That's how I distinguish myself. And again, this isn't time consuming, I want to stress, I'm actually saving time I'm not writing up a big long proposal. I'm simply talking, sometimes for three minutes, it could be for 10 minutes. But when I'm done, I simply hit stop, stop recording, I labeled a video and I email it to the prospect. And they love it.

They don't hire me 100% of the time. But it's a huge leg up and I've had many, many clients tell me, that's why they hired me. Now this works especially well, if it is a prospect from another city, another country, another continent, and they can't meet with you in person and there's no personal connection, especially if you're not a part of Some wildly famous big well known brand, where all the credibility is already there. So I'm urging we're gonna go through a lot of different ways of using video production and simple talking head video for marketing purposes and business purposes. But in my mind, this is the absolute best example of how to do it, in part because it's so simple, it saves time. Nobody else is doing it yet you might as well be first in your industry.

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