Conclusion- You are Now Ready to Use Video Successfully In All Communications

2 minutes
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Have I convinced you to start using video in your own business? I sure hope so. Or this was a huge waste of time for you and for me. Now, there may be areas I've missed when it comes to ways you can use video to promote you to help your business to help your clients. I hope I have I hope you're thinking more creatively than I am. The big decision for most people is simply am I going to do a video today if you make that decision, it will happen.

If you tell yourself well, someday when we get the perfect camera, the camera doesn't matter. Someday when I lose 20 pounds, or someday when we hire the right director, it will never, ever happen. So my challenge to you go back through this list, go through the curriculum and figure out what's easiest for you. What's the simplest thing for you What's something you can do today, make a video that you're going to put out there for the world, whether it's for your website, your Facebook page, your YouTube channel, make a video today, I don't care if it's just with your cell phone. Don't waste another day. Don't spend time worrying about the technology or the right editing software.

Just turn a record button on talk and turn the record button off. Look at it. Figure out is this something you can live with that you think would help? If not redo it a couple of times, but then post it. And I want you to do something else. For me.

I want you to post the link right here in the discussion group. I want to look at it. Others in this course want to look at it. We'll give you feedback. I'll give you feedback. No one's here to be mean or nasty.

Everybody's in the same boat. Nobody's perfect. Everybody's insecure about something of how they look or how they sound. So post it and I'll give you my feedback. And I hope that gives you the confidence you need to do it more and more and more. I'm TJ Walker.

Thanks for joining me.

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