Now You Can Answer Frequently Asked Questions Just Once!

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Let me ask you, to all of your clients and prospects ask you completely different questions every day, every week, every month. I'm guessing now, I'm guessing maybe a few of the questions are different. But if you're like most businesses, again and again and again, you hear the same questions, and you have to give the same answers. And you have to explain this over the phone, talking to people meeting with them in person sending follow up emails. Why not make your frequently asked questions in a video format. That way you can send it right to someone, you can make it available on your website, you can make it available on your YouTube channel.

So it probably wouldn't take you more than a half an hour to really sit down and brainstorm what are the most oftenly asked questions that you receive and your business. You may come up with five you may come up with 50 But write them down and then just record them. I can't we don't have to win Oscars. We're not trying to win video production awards if we're giving our customers or clients and prospects interesting, valuable information. It is a win for everyone. Once I had a slow afternoon in the summer a couple of years ago, I just recorded 100 frequently asked questions all in one afternoon.

And now I've got it. I'll link to some of those next. And you can see you don't have to watch all of them. But I want you to see how simple and easy it is and it just gives clients and prospects a greater sense that you've thought about this that you really are an expert that you have competence that your organization is the one they should be dealing with.

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