Talk Your Customers Through Your Whole Business Process

Creative Video Production 360-degree Video Video Production - Inexpensive Talking Head Video - Business Mastering the Many Areas of Talking Head Video Production for Your Business
2 minutes
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There's another whole category of communication that I just call procedures for clients, and customers. Every business is different. But most businesses have something where when somebody becomes a client, or a valued customer, they have to communicate stuff on a regular basis, or at least a concentrated form, before a specific activity or service takes place. So in my own business, I conduct media training workshops, public speaking workshops, full day, typically people hire me, three to six weeks, sometimes eight weeks in advance. So a couple of weeks in advance, I email them a pre training homework. And on this there is text on the page, but there is a video of me explaining it.

Now, here's the thing. So you'll find on I also have a pre training conference call with the clients where I can talk to them. And answer their questions, go over the instructions. I cover everything in the video as well, because there's some concepts. People have a very hard time grasping. So for example, I tell them in the phone call, and in the video, and in text that they need to send me a video of themselves, giving a sample speech, or giving a sample, MIDI interview, a new one, they've practiced and refined.

And still a lot of them don't do it now. Oh, I didn't know I was supposed to do that. And I know they heard me on the conference call. And I know they got the link. My point is not to criticize clients. My clients are wonderful, but that every additional form of communication you have can increase the odds of your clients, your customers getting it.

And sometimes whether you're delivering a high level service or you have a complicated product, give people that video explaining it. It drives me utterly insane every time I buy either piece of equipment for my gym or any other form of equipment, exercise equipment, sporting equipment, and the manufacturer has no video on how to put it together, drives me insane. I've got to call waste their time on that 800 number. Now I'm not selling a lot of hard physical products that have to be assembled. You might that's yet another example of how it would be great to have a video really explaining things, your clients, your customers, your prospects will really appreciate it and it will save you time. Again, it doesn't have to be pretty.

You want a phone call? I gotta tell you Isn't that pretty? But you can convey the information you need. Same with video only for some people, it's more powerful, and it shows that you've given it real thought

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