The Crisis Communications Secret Weapon

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Related to the last issue of using video for public relations, there's a sub niche of that where I think your own simple talking head video can be incredibly helpful. And that is during crisis times for crisis communications. If you're a manager and there's some kind of an explosion or a fire at your power plant, and all of a sudden, everyone wants to know, Are we safe? Should we evacuated? You're getting all kinds of media calls everywhere. It's quite often, much smarter to just do a simple two, three, maybe even five minute video, you can put it out to the whole world now.

All the local TV stations can take it. Print organizations, text organizations, the radio, people can pull the audio from it. You'll still do other interviews, but you're showing people in time of a crisis. You're not ducking for cover. You're not hiding. You're not hiding behind lawyers and procedures.

Releases the CEO whoever the highest ranking official is in the organization is putting his or her face forward. Answering in the video The most obvious questions before they're even asked, showing transparency. That goes a long way to making the community regulators, other interest groups, your clients, customers, that community feel better about you during a time of crisis. It's an underused technique, but it's incredibly helpful, incredibly powerful, and will go a long way to help preserve and protect your reputation during a time of crisis.

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