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Creative Video Production 360-degree Video Video Production - Inexpensive Talking Head Video - Business Mastering the Many Areas of Talking Head Video Production for Your Business
2 minutes
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Ever have a client email you a question or text you a question, or call or leave a voicemail? What do you do? Well, most people type back and do it quickly, efficiently. And that's good enough most of the time. But why limit ourselves to the keyboard? Why limit ourselves to text?

So when a client asked me any question about speaking to the media, giving speeches, giving presentations, delivering PowerPoint, those are my areas of specialty. I typically don't email them back with text. I do a simple video where I answer their question. I mentioned it by name. And I sent it to them now often mentioned just their first name. I don't mention their company.

So now I have content to put on YouTube and other places too. So there's multiple uses for it, but clients really appreciate it. Quite often a client will send me a video of his or hurts speech or media interview, I'll take, you know, 3060 seconds watching it. And then I'll respond. But again, I do it in a video format. Because if someone's asking me how they look on TV, and they had a great message answered really well, but their head was stiff or their eyes darted, I want to show them what they did wrong, as well as focus on what they did right now.

Some of those things are specific to my industry, because I teach people how to look good on camera that might not be relevant to you. But when it comes to just answering an everyday question from a client, video can be very powerful. Clients tend to appreciate it. Again, it stands out. It shows effort. It shows you didn't just have a 22 year old intern, answering your mail and just doing the easy bare minimum to get the client out of your way.

It's simple, it's easy, it can be done. I'll provide some examples for you next

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