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2 minutes
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When you mentioned thought leadership to most people in the business world, they think of an extensive white paper of book, perhaps a documentary. Well, I want to put out another idea for you Why not a lengthy video where you go in depth on a subject now, I'm not opposed to thought leadership and other formats. I've written half a dozen books. And that's not what I'm here to sell you on today. What I'm here to sell you on is the idea of us speaking in a video format to further establish your thought leadership. If you go to YouTube, and you type in media training for the last four years, the first video that comes up is mine.

And it's number one, in part because it's simply more comprehensive than any other video on media training. It's an hour long. There's nothing fancy about it there are no edits, there's nothing slick. It's just me standing right here talking. I have a backdrop where it looks like I'm in a TV studio but it's just me. And because of that, I've had other organizations call me hire me to do on camera work for them to make training videos for them and to do immediate training for all because of that one thought leadership video.

And to be honest with you, I made a mistake on the audio that day and the audio really wasn't that good. But it is still helped me immensely. I'll put a link to it. Following this video, you can save yourself now you might want to not want to talk for one hour might be 10 minutes. But don't force yourself into thinking oh videos got to be quick, quick catch up 30 seconds now. You can go really deep into a subject.

Not everyone in the world want to see it but Those you care about the most. Perhaps your best client prospects will want to watch it before calling you and that's the magic of video for leadership.

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