Lecture 1: Introduction

9 minutes
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Hi, I'm Dr. Rich planet and Welcome to the Ac coaching sexual relationship coaching course. Thanks so much for signing up for this course it is simply the best sex coaching course available on the market today. I just wanted to give you a quick overview of how the course is set up and how I work as your trainer. Each training lecture in session will start with me sharing the screen with a PowerPoint presentation. And I like to kind of set the stage by putting the lecture into context kind of tying it to the previous one and showing you how it sets up for the next one. Because all of my lectures are in sequence and that's the best way to take the course start with session one, lecture one and work your way all the way through.

The other thing that I do as a trainer is I will actually reduce myself after the initial intro and then go right to the PowerPoint presentation and talk you through the PowerPoint slides from the back. And then at the end, they come back alive, and kind of wrap it up and tie it together and introduce the next session and lecture. So there's a little bit of me a lot of PowerPoint. And then lastly, what I do is I stop, I ask you to stop the video, get an activity, and then actually be prepared to do it with me. So what I'd like you to do in preparation for each lecture is go to the PDF file that you got in your zip file that says activities and print those activities off this way. When I say stop the video and do this activity with me, you have it handy.

So by now, obviously, you've got your ZIP file, and hopefully you didn't get too freaked out by all of the files that are in there. But we'll go through exactly what's in there and how to navigate the course once I reduce myself. So that's it for the short end. trow relax, have any questions at all, I'm just an email or a phone call away and enjoy the course. Okay, should see my PowerPoint slide. Alright.

So as I said, you got a zip file, and in it were these other files, you had some audio files, you had some video files, and you had some PDF files. So you got 10 session files, both in video and audio content. And in those 10 sessions, there were 17 lectures. So you actually got all the individual lecture videos, so it will say session one, lecture one, right, some of the sessions, there's just one lecture of these sessions there multiple lectures. That's why there's the difference between the session number and the lecture number. For example.

Sessions eight nine or just one lecture session for I believe is five lectures. So you got both the video copy of those, and just the plain audio. So you can either listen or watch. You also got an activities file, it's a PDF file, it has a picture of a couple on the cover my fact that the same picture on the cover of the activities PDF, as on my ebook, but it's a couple in silhouette and it says activities, print that off as soon as you get it so you happen handy. Then you've got eight mp3 or they might even be mp4 depending on which version you got audio files. Now these are different from the audio versions of the lectures.

These are audio files that are specifically dealing with mindful sexuality. And you'll see when we get to session four on mindfulness. I have Eat files that are specific to mindful sexuality and they're really, really good. They take your clients through everything from just general breath meditation through mindful oral sex, so make sure you listen to those in advance. Some of them are pretty hot. Then you have a PDF file of my ebook, which is sex act, unleash the power of your sexual mind with acceptance and Commitment Therapy.

That was really the first self help book ever published by new Harbinger press that integrated human sexuality with act and this course takes it one step further and integrates human sexuality with acceptance and commitment coaching. Then you got a PDF file of chapter eight of my sexuality textbook. I just finished the fifth edition of this book by Kendall hunt, and it's really a great chapter. It has everything You and your clients need to know about sexual behavior, starting with abstinence and celibacy and working all the way through. It's very, very beautifully illustrated, and it's very gender neutral and sexual orientation neutral. It really has, you know, content that will apply to all your clients.

And then lastly, you got a QuickStart Guide, which is a one page PDF sheet that says here, yada, here's how you navigate the course and all the stuff that you got in this PDF file in the zip file, rather. So that's the course overview, a lot of value for money for your money. Hope you think so. And let's keep going. As you can see, the course is broken down into sessions and lectures. There's 10 sessions in session 10 winds up with talking about you know how to integrate AC coaching into your practice.

And there are videos In audio versions, and they're anywhere from one to five lectures per session, and the content comes from both my ebook and my textbook, so you really don't need any additional content or resources to master this course and then teach it to your clients. There's 34 activities. There are one to eight activities per lecture. The lecture that has the most activities is the mindful sexuality lecture. It's, you know, it's part of session four. And most of those activities are designed to be given as homework assignments.

So you can see that a lot of the activities out tell you to do these in session with your client, and then some which are little Meteor. I would do them as homework activities. And the way I work with my clients is we meet in session for an hour, sometimes an hour and 15 minutes once a week. And that's the either online or in person, depending on how I'm working. And then I'll give them a homework to do. And I'll say, shoot me your homework activities, three days before we meet, and I'll read them and I'll make comments.

And then I'm going to use them as a starting point for our next in session meeting. So you may want to, you know, use that model or you know, feel free to tweak it and assign those homework assignments and process them any way you want to. And some of the homework activities simply involve me like listening to the audio files, and then having to climb maybe answer a couple of questions. The resources as I already described, or my ebook, the textbook chapter and the audio files, and that's everything you need to learn the material. All of the sessions are self paced, you can complete them at your own leisure. If you have any questions along the way, feel free to email me your questions and I will email you back and answer.

Try and be as thorough and comprehensive as I can. And if that really still doesn't answer your question, you can shoot me back response and saying, you know, let's chat because I still don't understand what the heck you're talking about. I have no problem with that. And in order to get your CV, you just have to complete all the sessions and activities, take the post tests, which also was included with your ZIP file and submit your answers to me via email. And then you'll receive your cu certificate within 72 hours of me receiving your email. So if I got it on Friday, you would have your CS certificate on Monday.

Okay, so that's it. Let's go back to the Alright, that's it. I mean, the course is pretty self explanatory each step of the way. I really take my time I've really broken this content down. In fact, I redid the course like four times, so I could chunk it down into small manageable units, but include everything that I thought you needed to know about human sexuality, and acceptance and commitment coaching. So I think you're really going to enjoy it.

Take your time, enjoy the journey and not just thinking about your cu credits. And if you have any questions at all, shoot me an email, and maybe we'll chat. So thanks again for your support. And I'll see you in lecture one. Okay,

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