Eye Yoga Exercise 4

5 minutes
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So for the last exercise, what we're going to do, we're going to take our hands and we're going to rub them together, we're actually creating warmth in our hands. Now, as I had mentioned before, if you're wearing glasses, you can go ahead and remove them for this exercise. Otherwise, you know, it's fine. So we're going to create some warmth in our hands. And then what we're going to do is we're going to take our palms and we're going to touch our eyes. You should feel the warmth from your palms over your eyes.

And you're just going to rest with your palms on your eyes just for a moment and I want you to just sort of focus on breathing in and out. And although our eyes are closed, I want you to feel like you're actually looking at the back of your eyelids. Just feel the warmth from your hand. On your eyes and notice the contrast you know you're in a bright room, maybe you're at your office or in your home, you had these lights on in the house. Now all of a sudden, your eyes are experiencing darkness. They just see the black, the back of the palm of your hands.

So now what we're going to do, while our hands are still resting on our eyes, we're going to do the similar exercise which we have done in the other videos. We're going to actually make our eyes look to the left and then to the right. And then to the left. And then to the right. And I want you still keeping your hands on your eyes. You're gonna do that exercise 10 times so my eyes with my hands over my eyes are looking here.

And then here, and then here, and then here. So they're just kind of moving back For. So again, my hands are over my eyes. And 10 times, I'm looking left. I'm looking right. And I know from a video perspective, it's a little bit boring because you can't see what I'm doing.

But I hope that you are doing this exercise with me. So 10 times, and then with your hands still over your eyes, you're going to make those circles. Okay, the circles with your eyes like we did in the second exercise, you're going to make circles with your eyes. Doesn't have to be much just a little bit and you should feel with your hands over your eyes. You should feel your eyeballs kind of moving around a little bit as you're looking around. So my hands can actually feel my eyes moving a little bit.

So you're gonna make 10 circles this direction, and then 10 circles that direction. Yeah. So when we wrote our hands together, we made that Nice and warm, we've got the energy flowing, we got some warmth in our hands, we got some heat, we're placing them over our eyes, we're doing the left and then the right. And then we're doing our eye circles. Also counting to 10 this way, and 10 that way. So we're just going to do a couple of circles now for the video.

So we're gonna pick a point and just go around in a circle, and then the other way and a circle. So that is actually the final exercise. It's actually very simple. But as you do these exercises, you will notice your eyes are are straining, you can actually feel them activated. I know my eyes especially from the darkness and now I removed my eyes and they're sort of adjusting to the light again. All of these exercises are very beneficial for your eyes.

As I said, it is very good if you keep track of your progress and you commit 30 days and then after the 30 days, I want you to start noticing things, you know, again, if you're kind of like me and you don't really have poor vision, maybe notice, I don't know, when you're staring at your screens, bring your phone a little bit further away from your eyes, first of all, but just notice, you know, are your eyes starting to strain? Were they hurting you before? Did you feel a little bit dizzy? Where your eye shocked when you saw light? Or, you know, another good example would be like I said, I wear sunglasses a lot. And you know, sunglasses are still good.

I still wear sunglasses. It's not that I don't, but maybe you can notice if, you know, do I actually need the sunglasses right now in the morning or, you know, can I wait until the afternoon or you know, just kind of check in with yourself see what what's happening if it's improving if you're noticing anything, and you definitely will when you're older when all the other old People are, you know, getting prescription reading glasses. And if you're not, then you will definitely thank me for this exercises in the the Iowa course. Do share this video with your friends. I do ask that you share this video with your friends that you ask them to enroll in Iota course because it can help so many people. And again, it's just 10 minutes every day everyone has 10 minutes, believe it or not.

I know it sounds difficult, but you know, maybe 10 minutes less TV time is actually for the best. So yeah, thank you very much again, for enrolling in the course and I really look forward to hearing your results. And yeah, maybe you can sit in a beautiful place like Greenland like I am now and just do your little exercises and just feel really amazing. So good luck and no mistake

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