Eye Yoga Exercise 3

4 minutes
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Exercise number three. So now what we're going to do is we're actually going to bring our thumb straight in front of us. And then we're going to bring it down. And again, our eyes are following our thumb. So I'm looking sort of at my thumbnail, we're going to bring down my face and chin is still parallel with the ground. And still, my head is looking forward, but my eyes are following my thumb down just to the bottom of the edge of my vision, but I can still see it, and then you bring it straight up.

And then I'm going to come back to center. And I'm going to slowly bring my thumb to my nose, and I'm actually going to touch my nose. I'm cross eyed right now, so I can see my thumb. And then it's going to come away from me. And then you're just going to repeat that sequence again. So we're gonna go down and then And then to center and then touch our nose and come back out.

So that's two, and then down and then up. And then center, and then touch our nose. So that's three. Again, we're gonna aim for doing 10. So we're gonna go down and then up, center. And who knows.

And then after you've done the 10, we're actually going to do the same with the other arm. So, you know, brace yourself. If you need a moment in between exercises, that's totally fine, but try and do an equal on both arms. So again, we're gonna go to Down, we're gonna go up, come back to center, and then touch our notes. Yeah, so that was five on the right arm, I'm gonna go ahead and switch to the left arm and we'll do five. But again, at home, in your free time, do the full 10.

If in the beginning, it's more difficult, you can always increase the numbers later. So try and at least keep it balanced in the beginning. So if you do five on this arm, do five on the other arm. And then later, you know, you can add more, do six tomorrow and then seven the next day until you've built up to 10. Again, it's whatever comfortable with don't feel like you have to I don't know, injure your eyes or strain them too much in the beginning, especially if you are having a lot of eye pains or dizziness or whatever it is. So yeah, don't don't worry about it.

So, we're gonna have our left arm stretched out. And we're gonna go down and then up and then to the center and touch your nose and back out. And we're going to go down. And the really nice thing about this particular exercise when you're going towards your nose, so I'm sort of looking further. And then when it comes closer, I'm adjusting my eyesight to very close. And so your eyes are having to adjust to not just up and down, but far away and closer.

So it's a very good exercise for your eyes, especially if you have difficulties with maybe you see better up close, and maybe from far away you have a hard time or maybe it's the opposite. So This exercise definitely will help with whichever one you're struggling with. So again, we're going to look down and then up and then the center and then our nose and then back out. So again five times on this side. So that is the third exercise for the yoga

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