The Benefits of Eye Yoga

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Nomis day and welcome to the eye yoga online course. My name is Crystal Kelly. And I will just give you a little bit of information and name some of the benefits of doing a yoga as well as sharing some personal stories with you. And of course, the exercises which you can do in just 10 minutes every single day you can actually improve your eyesight. One of the important things about the eye Yoga is I think a lot of people don't realize what yoga actually is, you know, in America especially it's very popular, you know, oh, we do downward dog and we do this and you see all these really gorgeous skinny Yoga girlies and their tight little yoga pants and everything but you know, that's, that's not really what Yoga is. So I lived in India for two years and Yoga is actually the path to meditation.

By making your body by doing all these stretches and poses, you're actually finding center and peace in your body so that when you meditate, you're not having aches and pains and you're actually able to hold those poses and sit and be silent and comfortable with yourself. So Yoga is a form of meditation, basically, with the eye yoga, so when I was living in India, one of the things that my yoga teacher had shared with us when we were doing these yoga exercises, she actually shared a story. Don't you know, take me too serious. Don't take me you know, to your doctor and say, Oh, this is a fact. You know, just just listen to the story and take from it what you want. But she was making her students do the yoga every single day every time they came to class, and she actually had a woman who had Had eyeglasses her whole life.

So she had prescription eyeglasses. And she was doing the eye yoga for a year. And after a year, she returned to the eye doctor, and actually the eye doctor lowered her prescription of her eyeglasses, which is pretty amazing that you can actually do these exercises and train the muscles in your eyes, which should help improve your vision. But also there's this new problem, which I think is a brand new thing which is occurring in the new generation, which is, you know, we're always staring at our screens. We're staring at our cell phones. We're staring at our iPads, we're on the computer all the time.

We're always just our eyes are always seeing screens, which is something that we're not designed for human beings are not made to be staring at a screen especially this far away from our faces. So you're noticing A lot of new problems with people's eyes and vision and eyesight. And we can actually train our eye muscles and improve the eye muscles, just like any other part of our body. So I can do exercises for my arms to build my arm muscles or build my leg muscles. Same thing for our eyes. So one of the benefits of doing I yoga for 10 minutes every day, and again, it's just 10 minutes, I'm sure you can always find 10 minutes at the start of your day or at the end of your day, or somewhere in the middle to just do these exercises.

And you will train the eye muscles and actually help build them and grow them. You know, even if you have perfect vision, if you're staring at screens watching TV or playing on the computer for you know, eight hours a day. You definitely need a yoga and it will benefit you I think in the long run especially Ask any older person, they always say, you know, oh, my eyes aren't as good as they used to be when I was young. Oh, now I need reading glasses. Well, how about when I'm old, I don't want reading glasses and my eyes work fine. So that is one of the benefits of doing the yoga.

This course is for anyone who wants to improve their eyesight, or build strength in their eye muscles. And also anyone who's interested in exploring yoga, not just for this trendy hot yoga kind of stuff, but for what yoga actually is, which is improving our body for meditation. So thank you very much and I look forward to seeing you in the course.

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