Eye Yoga Exercise 2

4 minutes
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Okay, so for the second exercise, we're just gonna get straight to it. This time, we're going to do circles. So I'm gonna start with my right arm. Yeah. And I'm gonna just put it out. And I'm going to make a very big circle with my arm slowly.

And again, my head is not going to move, my head should stay parallel with the ground, and my eyes are just going to follow the thumb. So I'm just trying to look at my fingernail, let's say, and I'm gonna move my thumb, again on that borderline of where your vision ends. So I should still see my thumb. It shouldn't be in that black where I can't see it. But it's sort of on the edge so I can see it but I have to really strain my eyes almost to see it. And I'm just going to make a big circle with my eyes following my thumb.

So one circle is one round. Yeah. So I'll do 10 rounds with my right hand going this direction. And then I'm going to switch to the other arm and do 10 rounds going the other direction. Yeah, it sounds like long and it sounds very tiring. You don't want to go too fast.

You do want to go a little bit slow. I would recommend to match your breathing with the exercise. So maybe when you go up, you breathe in. Maybe when you go down, you breathe out. So that was sort of the rhythm of your breathing. But do whatever is comfortable or natural for you.

But let's go ahead and give it a try. So again, sitting comfortably back straight, maybe your legs across maybe you're sitting on a chair on the sofa. Doesn't really matter. We're gonna bring our arm out, and we're just gonna do 10 circles. Yeah. So we're gonna begin and we're going up and around.

Again, trying to match our breathing. If we can, don't take it too serious, it's mostly about lies. If you catch yourself accidentally turning your head, just come back to center and you will really Feel your eyes getting tired or feeling strange. I mean, if you're doing this correctly, and you're not used to doing eye exercises, it's the same as if you went to a gym and did you know push ups for the first time. So in the beginning, it might be difficult, you might feel a little bit sore or tired. That's totally normal and it will go away, the more you do these exercises, so for the sake of the video, will change to the other side.

However, remember at home you will be doing 10 circles. So now again, bring our thumb to that comfortable spot. And again, we're just going to go on the border of our vision. So I can see until there I could still see my son and I'm just doing the best that can to keep my head steady. And my eyes just follow in my thumb I don't know if in the video you can really see my eyes but they're just making circles basically. They're just making big circles.

So again, for the sake of the video, I'll finish with that. But ideally we're going to do 10 rounds. Yeah. So that is that is exercise number two

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